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Hi Ed,

I’ve completed my first training cycle since a break at the beginning of this year. As suggested I ran the hard sessions based on my pace from the 4k TT I did in early Feb.

Here’s my results from the hard runs:

Session / Target pace / Actual (average)
2k x5 / 3:40 / 3:38
1k x6 / 3:30 / 3:31
5k x1 / didn’t set one / 3:37
400m x10 / 3:20 / 3:23
10k x1 / didn’t set one / 3:43

I ran the 2k and 1k sessions and 5k TT slightly relaxed and completed them feeling comfortable (relatively). I struggled a little on the 400's. I ran the 10k TT based on your ‘race-your-best-10km’ article, using the above target pacing. I couldn’t keep up and ran pretty much flat out and lost a lot of speed in the last 3k!

For my next training cycle should I aim for the pacing in the sub-35 plan? Or would you suggest something else at this point?

Thanks for reading and cheers,
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