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Hi Ed,
thanks very much for your post, I've a plan to race 13th of January now so my thinking is two cycles race then on to build up.I think 3 weeks would be enough on build up. I've copied the forums of another runner maintaining the 1 hr this far so with the exception off two races together pretty much stayed on the plan.What i would ask is there any mileage in swapping the 2k reps with a 30 min tempo run say at 3.42 per k?? just an idea as i feel these help me.What i would say is in build up phase i probably ran too slowly my heart rate was low around 135-140 bpm i know its important to do this but i am just thinking back ten years ago when i was training for a half marathon the slow running seems to stuff me up some how i can explain how my speed goes but can only say its gone again,My plan was to run 68 for the half i came in some 3 mins off pace not impressed at all.However the form came back i was in 31 mins shape for 10k within six weeks my conclusion of all this is ive got to keep some quality in there even if its a fartlek session.Hope this is of interest to other runners on the forums and us my experience to there advantage best wishes jon.
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