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Hi Jon, I would strongly advise giving the cycles a chance, the design of these programs are progressive, we could not put too much data onto the website, so instead created these forums to build the runners towards the progressive nature of the programs

whereas we believe in tempo runs and all the benefits, we work very much on the principle to start at less, see the results and build up from there

with the 3 week cycle it is designed in a way to get the body into some form of a rhythm which they feel they have control over and can then aim for races to perform on the day accordingly

I would strongly recommend to you to rather create short term achievable goals while maintaining your long term goals, try not to think too much about the past.

on top of this recommendation, see what results you get with less before having the approach according to what you did before.

During my times of coaching in Cape Town, SA, the athletes in the squad used the programs very effectively to achieve results on the day that counted, so do try to give the program a chance and with feedback from here you can hopefully achieve this.

ps.. you achieve the target times in the 5 x 2k and you very likely to get the results in the race
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