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A sub 35min 10km someday!

Hi TheEd,

I finished the Melbourne Marathon in 3:18 (9th October). The plan was a high 2:50s, however it just wasn't there on the day for me. I'm not feeling too disappointed, I trained well and left nothing to chance. I also backed my training on the day and set out at sub 3 hour pace, it simply wasn't my time to move on I guess!

I ran the marathon as a charity fundraiser and therefore the distance is not something I have any great interest in repeating. My plan remains 10k running and sprint distance triathlons (maybe some endurance swims this summer too). I'm looking forward to getting back into my preferred events!

I am hopeful with the added ensurance from the marathon training I can put in some quicker 10ks in the coming weeks/months ahead (a sub 37mins would be a nice start ).... The good news is I kept the 2 + 1k sessions as part of my marathon program, my final 2k sessions were avg 7:30's, I also ran a time trial a couple of weeks prior to the race at 18:30, so I'm hopeful there is something to build on there.

After a complete week off, I have slowly introduced some light swimming and cycling. I have been to my physio for a checkup and it appears that my body has made it through the marathon training/race reasonably well! I also started on the 3 week build up phase with the aim of a 4km time trial on Sunday, 6th November.

Upcoming events:
19th November - 121km bike ride - just for fun, not racing
27th November - Sprint Triathlon - just for fun, maybe a little racing
1st December - 10km - my only track event of the season, also evening run
11th December - 10km - road race
18th December - Sprint Triathlon
26th January - Sprint Triathlon
5th February - Olympic dist Tri

I guess there's quite a bit in there, however there are only 3 events that are key for me..... both 10k races and the olympic dist tri.

How do you suppose I balance the Xtraining? Do the key runs and swap easy runs for swim/cycle?

Finally, I'd be interested in your thoughts on barefoot running. The research I have come across looks really interesting (if not yet conclusive). I have been gradually introducing some barefoot at the end of my feels great and very comfortable (while watching out for sharp objects that is). I'd be interested in your views on this.

Anyways, I hope everything is going well for you guys in your new home town!! Let me know what you think about training and we'll go from there!


P.S. apologies for the incredibly long post
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