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Hi Nick .. we are getting closer and closer to being able to provide advice towards the Triathlon ( and we have even changed location to an area renowned for TRI training

from my past experience I have noted that you are able to have a quality swim session close to a quality run session however this only takes place after a fair amount of adaptation, so at first be careful when mixing the sessions

cycling can be used on recovery days however getting the balance right between spinning and grinding is most important

Saturdays were used as the hard BIKE session day, where the athlete normally focused on the 'brick' sessions

both swimming and cycling relies on good technique

running assists both the cycling and swimming with regards to aerobic development however the cycling and swimming does not truly contribute to the running

both the cycling and swimming technique is improved from long hours in the saddle and the pool ... so finding the balance is most important

I am hoping this helps ... if we were to take the 10k training program schedule we could easily adapt the 'training weeks' to incorporate all 3 elements


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