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Hey TheEd!

Now then TheEd!

How are you and the family?

All good here, been taking a break from the cycling this last 5-6 weeks to ramp up the running. Although its been tough to get the conditioning back in the calves/achilles, its been fantastic switching back; save so much time with the running sessions being shorter!

Have the Leeds City Abbey Dash 10km on Sunday, its a fast, city run with over 10,000 runners. I clocked 43:27 last year with relatively limited running in legs, think I got 2 decent sub-45, 19-day cycles in as prep.

This year I've managed to get 5 weeks in building up to this Sunday. I repeated Days 1-14 of the sub-45 twice and then this last week finished the full 19-day cycle.

Feeling very much on top of things and hoping that perhaps with my previous, strong months on the bike earlier this year, I might be able to find the form on Sunday to get as near to 40 mins as poss on this fast course.

I'm heading back to a structured, 12-month long Time Trial focused bike programme next week for preparing to contemplate on competing in some National age group Time Trial events later next year and perhaps trying out some duatlons/triathlons.

I had a question regarding your previous recommendation about maintaining some running form using days 3-8 whilst cycling.

To keep some sort of running form, how would you recommend I integrate days 3 to 8 as you suggested, perhaps over a 14-day period i.e., as long as I get one long run (70mins), 1 x 4x2km session and maybe 1 x 6x1km session every 14-days throughout winter or is this not necessary?

If this idea is not ideal, can you recommend any maintenance strategies I could adopt to keep my legs attuned,


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