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Scraped the London Marathon qualification by the skin of my teeth Tough day out with 20kph+ winds on a fairly exposed course and nobody to draft all day.

First 3k ended up being around 3:35 pace (tail wind) with the HR <140. Then settled into steady ~145 feeling good and easy at ~3:50 pace. At 21k HR was starting to sneak over 150 for me to hold 3:50 so I decided to ease off and get back towards 145 before the last 10k - that meant dropping to 3:55-4:00. At 32k I tried to push on but legs were like wood so there was really nothing more to do but hold 4:00 pace despite feeling 'aerobically' great. At 40k there was a steep down/up underpass after which my hamstrings both totally seized up. I very nearly stopped but luckily managed to find a speed (~4:20) where I could hobble to the finish.

Now... a few months to focus on 5k/10k before the build towards London in April. Chatting to other guys on the finish line I think getting the mileage over my current 60k/week could make quite some difference!?
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