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Hi ollycowan, thanks for the encouragement, hopefully it's going to work with me as well.

Hi TheEd, thanks for your followup.

I'm planning to stick to the plan as much as possible, but leaving most of the "easy sessions" out, at least until I can cope with the volume, or as long as I don'thave to work late.
All the week sessions are going to be at night (and be subject to the winter weather), before dinner, and weekend sessions will be during daytime.

I started the program this Tuesday, and did a 60min 12,4km run (4:52 avg, 138bpm avg/152bpm max), effort 3/5.

The Thursday run (5x2k) was obviously my most anticipated one, and I don't know why, but somehow I was expecting to bonk towards the end of it. I don't usually do intervals training (and when I do, they're much shorter), and I do it more to break the routine than to take some gains out of it.
It was especially cold and windy tonight (5°C), fortunately it stop raining. As I run in an improvised ~1.2km street circuit, I am relying on my gps watch, so there is some margin of error in the data, I was aiming to a 4:05/km, or 8:10/2km. This was the result:

4:13 (I messed up the pace...) (effort 3/5)




3:51 (effort 4.5/5)

Avg HR: 149bpm
Max HR: 162 bmp

I should say that my normal HR is low, being the rest HR (45bpm), or my max HR (I rarely go above 170 -- I should theoretically be able to reach 182, witch I don't think I ever did as long as have a HR monitor-- and even for short bursts, when I do it, I usual take a long time to recover). Did a HR stress test 5 month ago, doctor said everything was ok.

So, if I don't take the 2nd km into consideration, I'm pretty happy with the results. I guess the cold weather did more right then wrong for me today. But should I have sticked to the 4:05 predicted pace?
For comparison, the last km in the 4k test was harder then the last interval today.

I have one extra combo question for this weekend: I'm going to do the 1h30m long run this Saturday, all off road, some hilly bits: Should I keep the pace 1 to 1:30 above predicted race pace as well? And how wise is it to do my usual Sunday bike group ride (~50km ride)?...

Thanks for all the help
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