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Hi TheEd,

I hope your keeping well. How is weather in Sweden, Melbourne is grey, cold and windy, but still ok for running!

Training is going pretty well at the moment, I decided to swap sessions to bring me inline with the program. Therefore, day 1 + 3 were reversed, but all other sessions were on the designated day. Make sense?

Sessions as follows:
Fri - rest
Sat - Long run 90 mins (avg 4:49 per km)
Sun - 30mins easy (avg 4:41 per km)
Mon - Easy 10km (avg 4:39 per km)
Tuesday - 6 * 1k - felt ok, bit of a head wind, so stuffed up the pacing on the 1st interval.
1. 3:49
2. 3:36
3. 3:40
4. 3:38
5. 3:40
6. 3:40

Just a few questions:
Should I aim for 15km or 1hr tomorrow?
For Saturday's 5km paced run, what should I be looking to do?
Finally, the easy paced sessions, I have aimed to keep these between 30 - 60 seconds slower than current 10k pace, is this correct?

Thanks for helping me out. Speak soon,
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