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Icon5 10k training and racing

i am a 49yr old female running for approx 9 years - Started running in 10k races from the start. my time has come down from over the hour to 57 mins for the 10k races and has moved down from 2.30 hrs to 2.14 for a half marathon. But for the past 2-3 years i am stuck at those times. i joined a club 4-5 yrs ago and we do speed work once a week - sunday i do a long run 8-10 miles slow, mon i rest or do an hour in the gym (cardio) tues speed work - wed rest - thurs a moderate 4-5 miles - frid rest or do an hr in gym(cardio) i see runners who ran at my pace and now they are finishing in anything from 49mins-54mins i am always bringing up the rear.!!!
what am i doing wrong or as my son told me he thinks i am running in a comfort zone but my legs wont go any faster.
even in our club training i am in the last group even when new people arrive.
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