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Ok..well, I guess I just have to push myself and see what i can do.

I've started a new cycle...since i've had a weird 4 weeks, I'm going to start easy. I did an easy 10k yesterday and an easy 5k/30min today. Tomorrow I will be on day 3, and do a 5x2k session. I'm going to start with 4:10/km and bump it up as I feel better...will be on a treadmill, but all others will be outside on a track (just moving to a new place, and getting sorted out, need to find a close track blah blah blah).

My goal for next year is as fast as possible...I think I've got 35minutes in me..maybe faster. Not sure about hitting that within a year...but I think it will be close. Will discuss more later as I get back into the cycles here...

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