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I Need Help Training for Marine Corps Boot Camp - 3 Miles in Under 18 Minutes

I am training for Marine Corps Boot Camp, I am planning on shipping out around January first so I have a little less than two months to train for this.

I am trying to get a perfect score on the physical fitness test.

You are tested on three things:

1.) 3 Mile Run - 18 minutes or under is a perfect score (100 points)

2.) Pull ups - 20 pull ups is a perfect score (100 points)

3.) Sit ups - 100 sit ups in 2 minute is a perfect score (100 points)

The Marine Corps is big on physical fitness, I apply myself 100% to anything that I do and getting a perfect score on the physical fitness test requires just a bit more effort than getting a "pretty good score" and I don't want to be pretty good when perfection is possible.

I know the training deadline is very quickly approaching but I am already in good shape, I'm just trying to get my mile times down.

I can run 5 miles easily at about a 10-11 min pace

I run 3 miles in 24 minutes now, which I'm not proud of.

However in the past I've focused more on bulking up and not on cardio so now I have my chance to improve this portion of my physical fitness.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone!

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