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Many thanks for the quick response. I happened to read the 5km plan last night and thought about incorperating some of the training into what I was already doing.

I may pick this up WK 2 DAY 4 from tomorrow, however, I will make day 5 a full rest day, day 6 a 30-35 min easy run, DAY 7 a rest day with stretches, then continue with the programme from Monday as DAY 1 WK 3.

How does that sound?

Also, my last full medical was Feb when I was ill. I will book myself on for another this/next week.

Also, I did purchase myself some shiney running shoes last week, so at least that is sorted!

This morning I completed the following:

DAY 13
Dist (KM): 3.94
Dur (min): 23.38
Pace (m/km): 5:59
(easy run with talk test)

Legs were tired this morning completed the course without stopping, should be able to manage slightly faster pace on following easy runs once in programme. (probably about 5:45 pace)

Many Thanks,

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