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Sub 45 Minute 10k

Hi TheEd. Thanks in advance for your input.

30 years old

I have been running consistently for around 6 years or so. I have done 2 marathons (4:53:14 and 3:55:02) and a few half marathons (best is 1:47:56). I did a 5k back in November 2014 in 24:35. At that point I wasn't running as much as I am now.

Since January I have been running very consistently (5 or 6 days a week). I average about 32-40 km in a week. I ran a 4k time trial last Friday, 3April.

1k - 4:24 156HR
2k - 4:41 162HR
3k - 4:34 165HR
4k - 4:32 168HR
Total - 18:18 4:33 163HR

I think I could have probably done it a bit faster judging from the heart rate but it was also very windy that day (constant 32km/hr wind).

I think I should be ok to start the sub 45 minute 10k. What say you? I have a 10k race this Sunday and want to start the 3 week cycle after that. My end goal is to get my 10k under 40 and my 5k under 20.
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