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To race is but a dream...

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Old 04-10-2011, 09:45 PM   #1
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To race is but a dream...


Just found the site and am well impressed with the quality and postive infleunces and sensible instruction and guidance given as required.

I used to run as a boy (county standard, UK) but grew into other sports, most recent being rugby, which I had to give up due to a sholder injury about three years ago.

I started smoking when I was 19 and recenty stopped due to Pleurisy. I have just passed seven months non smoking. Part of that decision also included a lifestyle change in general and the next step in my plan is to start running again.

I eat a pretty sensible, healthy diet and since Christmas have gained 3 stonnes in weight so now a healthy 168lbs ish. (I am 5"11 so just about looking a normal weight now), I spent the last 16 years between nine and ten stonne.

Up to a few weeks ago my RHR was between 52 and 60 BPM, so have maintained a reasonable level of general fitness despite not excercising? As I sit here it is 53 BPM.

Over the last few weeks I started jogging, nothing too hard, with warm ups, stretching, warm downs and stretching. Also stretching in the evenings and on the rest days to help keep the muscles loose. This is the info I have have recorded so far:

Dist (KM): 2.83
Dur (min): 16:15
Pace (m/km): 5:44
(ran full distance)

Day 2

Dist (KM): 4.92
Dur (min): 32:00
Pace (m/km): 6:30
(bit of walking on the uphills, 90 second rest at halfway)

Dist (KM): 4.92
Dur (min): 28:00
Pace (m/km): 5:41
(bit of walking on the uphills, 90 second rest at halfway)

Dist (KM): 2.85
Dur (min): 14:00
Pace (m/km): 04:54
(mostly dowmhill)


Dist (KM): 4.92
Dur (min): 29:36
Pace (m/km): 6.0
(bit of walking on the uphills)

Dist (KM): 4.92
Dur (min): 27:00
Pace (m/km): 5.29
(no stops or walking from this day to present)


DAY 10
Dist (KM): 4.72
Dur (min): 25:28
Pace (m/km): 5:23

DAY 11
Dist (KM): 4.72
Dur (min): 25:00
Pace (m/km): 5:17
(negative splits each KM, 200M uphill sprint finish)

DAY 12
Dist (KM): 3.94
Dur (min): 21:40
Pace(m/km): 5:29

Even though I haven't excersiced in a long time a feel good and am pleased with what I have done so far, importantly not pushing myself too hard. I am taking vitamin supplements and cod liver oils to assist me and have not lost any weight, appetite remains good.

I haven't got any heart rate or cadence info but am considering looking into the kit to measure this also.

My initial aim is to be hitting 5.2km (Route length) in 25mins on a regular basis. I can then decide what to do from there.

Is there any initial feedback or advice please?


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