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Training for 5k run off the bike in Triathlon

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Old 27-11-2011, 07:07 AM   #1
Junior Member
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Training for 5k run off the bike in Triathlon

Firstly apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I've taken a brief look around and found bits and pieces but not completely what I'm looking for.

- have been participating in triathlons for the last 3 years, prior to that nothing. Last year I did 6, mainly novice with 10k bike, however one sprint with 500m swim. Key times for that were 40minutes (for 20k ride) for the bike and 25minutes for the run (5k).
- just did 1st tri for this season, bike and run times same, despite a load of training, however latter should peak around feb/mar time
- I'm 50, gawd. If I'd known about this when I was 5 I'd have done nothing but triathlons all my life, I am completely hooked and obsessed with getting better. If I could quite my job I'd do it...
- my objectives for this season... bike 20k in 35m and run the 5k in 20m.
- my long term objectives, over next 5 years, hmmmm should I say, you'll all think I'm mad - bike 20k in 30m and run 5k in 17.5m, so just leaving the 500m swim, my least favourite of the 3 sports, in around 12-13 minutes.
- I can run 5k, 10k, 14k at 5min/k pace without too much of an issue. Much of the 10k work I do is on hills, one circuit has total acsent of 425metres (that's lots of ups and downs, but there's a couple of steep hills with around 30m ascents)
- and I recently "sprinted" 2k with an ascent of 60m at 4:30pace. On a treadmill I can do 2k at 4:00pace. Could probably do more ks.

I know I won't be able to do the 10k training programme at present for 10k in 40m. I think I could do the 5 intervals in the 1st section of that at around 4:30, assuming a flat circuit. So should I follow this plan through at that pace and then restart, assuming improvement, at the sub 4:00?

Also any tips for running off the bike - maybe wrong site for that. I'm getting as many "brick" sessions in as I can, and had my bike modified so it's not so harsh for the transition.

All help and suggestions much appreciated.
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Old 27-11-2011, 09:52 PM   #2
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007

Hi Paulo and welcome to the forums

your best development of running off the bike is through the practise of doing this as a session

as for your 10k training .. if you only achieving 4:30 per k then it would be best to start with the sub 45 minute 10k program and progress towards the sub 40 minute 10k schedule

there is a new section for the future triathlon and duathlon advice

let's hope you able to achieve something form all of this

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Old 11-12-2011, 09:48 AM   #3
Junior Member
Paulo's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2011
Many thanks TheEd,
I am going to start your suggested training schedule this week.

I have a few questions:
- is it essential to follow the plan to the letter? I probably won't miss a day, but I might end up doing something slightly different on some days.
- I have been doing some brick sessions, and this is helping, thank you. But this raises another question, is it OK to mix in other sports, mainly it will be cycling
- should I post results as I go?

And sorry, one more question:
- do you recommend stride counters/analysers? I've recently seen the Adidas miCoach and the Polar stride sensor and wondering how useful these are..

Thanks in advance.

Last edited by Paulo : 11-12-2011 at 09:51 AM. Reason: added question
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