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I Need Help Training for Marine Corps Boot Camp - 3 Miles in Under 18 Minutes

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Old 27-10-2009, 04:37 PM   #11
Junior Member
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Nice talking with you, it's good to hear from people who are doing the same thing...

My mos is Infantry... and I am planning on going for Recon (0321) as well!

That's bad ass I'm sure we will meet one another at some point since we will be in the same field, maybe even at the soi that would be cool, I'm sure it will be easier if you know people, we can stick together.

My sister and brother in law are in the USMC as officers... her husband is in Afghanistan killing right now, he is at the end of his deployment as an Artillery Officer and my sister is at 29 Palms right now as a Logistics Officer.

Send me an email at i748iATaol.com and I will save it so we can talk later, and I will give you status updates on my pt... by the way...have you done a pretest on yourself now? Any idea where you stand with your pft score?

And yes, I am in better shape than 98% of the population, I think that he is just saying to be careful, I don't want to run with a backpack and weights since ergonomically it will be terrible, but I want to buy a weight vest, possibly even a waterproof one so I can use it to swim in to, and I think it will be much better for my back.
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Old 27-10-2009, 06:17 PM   #12
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Join Date: Oct 2009
yeah well since your only going in two days before me we will probably see each other over in North Carolina for infantry training. we might even be in the same group and we will probably train together over in CA for Recon School.

Yeah my Aunt was in the marines but she was only in the reserves so she never got shipped out anywhere.

and yeah we have a test every month that is scored and every week we have one that is just to get faster.

i have the sit ups down you need 80 i can push out 120 on a good day, the run we only do a mile and a half i think my best time is in the 8-9 minute range. and I'm currently at 20 pull ups but im sure ill break that tomorrow i have an advantage only weighing 150 over most people and working on them everyday helps a lot to. your lucky you have somewhere to swim that's the only thing that i don't have maybe ill join the YMCA for a few months in the winter.

yeah and about the pack it might not be the best for your back but its to get you used to wearing one when you doing stuff like walking around or doing a light jog. My recruiter told me " fill it with bricks and walk a few miles with it on" idk its just an idea that iv been doing and its been working and so far my back hasn't been hurting since im doing it smart and working my way up.

yeah but i will email you and and i have a facebook and an AIM so ill give those to you if you have them it be easier to communicate
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