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Triathlon 10Km Running Advice

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Old 05-05-2014, 11:33 AM   #1
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Triathlon 10Km Running Advice


As recommended, thought I'd start the new thread in this section (although I'm not contemplating a Tri till Autumn now!). As mentioned, have been following the sub-40 10Km training plan this last 5 weeks after a solid three months (Jan-March+weeks rest) of Duathlon training.

Am on Day 13, second cycle now, planning to peak for a race next Sunday (May 11th). Trying to beat 40:40 (2009 Course PB & all time PB). Would like to go under 40 mins if well rested and conditions are good, however, are pragmatic about current capability.

Did a training 10km race two weeks ago at the end of the first cycle, offroad/hilly, 42:59, went out strong uphill, middle k's were weak, last km finished well)

For this current cycle, did the 5km TT (day early than scheduled) on Sat, 20:02 at local 'Park Run', relatively flat with a little offroad at end.

Felt a little fatigued going out on this if I am honest (HR took a while to get in zone). I purposefully decided to take it steady, not go out too fast and build up, however it ended just being a very equal pace all way through.

Think this was an overhang from completing some challenging, hilly intervals (5x2km & 6x1km) last week specifically targeted as prep for next weeks race which features a 40m elevation, 2-5km.

What I've felt has been lacking is the consistency in the longer runs; although I have put a few over 60mins this last 5 weeks; did one last week at 75 mins.

Have overcome some substantial calf/soleus adaptation, very sore after the more intense sessions, has now abated after various self-treatment very nicely and not a problem for the time being

As a result of the sore calf/soleus, during the last 5 weeks, where I was supposed to do an easy waddle, as a substitute, I jumped on the bike instead to keep the effort going and keep the miles up on the bike. I cycled at no more than easy pace HR and basically rode 4 times the duration (30mins Easy run = 2:00 Easy Bike).

I did a steady (but laboured in parts) 75 mins this morning, which I would have liked to have done yesterday but were feeling tired and instead followed the scheduled by taking the day off.

Hopefully this mornings long run will help contribute something to next week. Planning to finish the rest of the week as per the schedule.

My main question is surrounging final prep for next weeks race, is regarding pacing and HR etc. Since doing the Duathlon training, I have come to understand more about threshold training sessions. I set up my HR Zones accordingly for the bike and run which are slightly different which I have no doubt you are familiar with. (Bike zones being a little lower).

When doing the 2 and 1km intervals, I aimed to get my HR into the Super Threshold range, which is currently supposed to be around 160-163bpm. This has been challenging at times and only achievable on the hilly reps, hence why doing them as well as race prep. On the flat or downhill it has ended up being more Subthreshold, 154-59bpm. I have had similiar trouble when doing the Threshold sessions on the bike, ie keeping the HR up on the flat TT's.

With this in mind, on race day next week, where do you recommend I roughly aim for HR wise? I was thinking that stabilising in the SubThreshold range to 7km, and then start to wind up to 160+ in the last 3km. This suits the race route next week, as the last 3km is downhill (40m decline) where I can claw back time lost earlier in the race where the 40m elevation occurs, 2-5Km.

Effectively, I will produce a negative split mainly due to the 2-5km drag, a recovery 1km 6-7km, and then a wind up to the finish, does this sounds like a plausible strategy?

Cripes, just reading this back over, apologies for the brain dump...

Cheers and hope to hear from you soon,

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