Palma de Mallorca Marathon

Time-to-Run are happy to announce that we are working with the Palma de Mallorca Marathon, for their 2016 event on the 18th October 2016.

Palma de Mallorca Marathon Promotion Code

The event organisers of the  Palma de Mallorca Marathon have made a promotion code available to all Time-to-Run users who may have an interest in running in the event.
PMM event organisers have made following promo code available: TIMETORUNPMM2016
When using this code to register you will receive a 10% discount. Valid for all 3 distances (Marathon, Half Marathon and 10 KM) and can be used until the online registration closes 9 October.

Read more about the event at Interesting info Palma de Mallorca Marathon

or go directly to their website: