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Archives for April 2011

The “Training-Sensitive Zone” – Heart-Rate

Training-Sensitive Zone Maximum exercise heart rate is on most occasions determined after 2 to 4 minutes of all-out effort during a given form of exercise. It must be noted that this level of exercise, requires great motivation and is not advisable for adults to attempt who are not medically or at a physical level … [Read more...]

10K Training programs towards your goals

10K Training programs towards your goals The 10K is believed to be distance that gives you a marker for all events; above 10Km, that you may attempt. In the early 80's many of the leading 10K athletes stepped up to the marathon with success. This section will be developed solely for the improvement of your 10km … [Read more...]

The Need for Sleep

The Need for Sleep In the past decade research and polls have shown that we don't get enough sleep. Those under 35 years of age get the least amount. This lack of slumber time leaves many chronically tired and sleepy throughout the day. … [Read more...]

Ten Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make – Part 2

Welcome to the 'Ten Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make' Part 2 - 6 to 10. This article is by - Dave Spence ex-resident coach, Cape Town   This article follows on from - Ten Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make numbers 1 to 5 6. Not Taking Supplemental Electrolytes. An athlete who's suffered from painful … [Read more...]

Ten Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make

Too many times endurance athletes fall for the "if a little is good, a lot is better" myth. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to hydration. All it takes is one race where you've had to DNF due to cramping and you start thinking, "hmm, maybe I didn't drink enough". Next thing you know, you're drinking so much … [Read more...]

Timing your Workout

Timing your Workout Just when you thought you had your training schedule figured out, along comes Chronobiology. You are probably asking, “What the heck is that and why do I care?” … [Read more...]

Components of endurance training explained

Components of endurance training explained The types of endurance are Aerobic endurance, Anaerobic endurance, Speed endurance and Strength endurance. A sound basis of aerobic endurance is fundamental for all events. … [Read more...]

Build Rest and Recovery Into Your Fitness Programme

Don't feel guilty. Rest and recovery is not the same as skipping a workout. Successful athletes and fitness enthusiasts on every level build this crucial component into their training programmes. … [Read more...]

The Cornerstones of Training

The 'cornerstones of training'. Here you will find the basics behind the development of a good training regime that will benefit your running - Dave Spence Athletic training and competition are complex activities, with many variables contributing to success. However, all training principles and physiological … [Read more...]

In the long run – You’ll find endurance

Welcome to the 'in the long run - you`ll find endurance'. Here you will find the reasons behind the use of the long run. - Dave Spence - ex-resident coach, Cape Town   The long run is the cornerstone of marathon training. In marathon training it has been found that 3 runs of 28-35 km over the 8 weeks … [Read more...]