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Archives for April 2011

Dealing with Chafing – Cause and Prevention

You running along not a care in the world, so you think. A little later into the run and 'boy oh boy' you have a chafe and is it not irritating. The irritation you can cope with but now it has lead to an open wound and it is bleeding. … [Read more...]

Top 18 Benefits of Weight Training

1. Weight training tones your muscles which looks great and raises your basal metabolism ... which causes you to burn more kilojoules 24 hours-a-day. You'll even burn more kilojoules while you're sleeping. 2. Weight training can … [Read more...]

Grete Waitz dies at 57

The great Norwegian Athlete Grete Waitz has died after fighting her battle against cancer. Just like her great friend Fred Lebouw, the founder of the New York City Marathon, Waitz succumbed to the scourge of cancer. … [Read more...]

Why weight/strength training and what are the benefits?

Runners' weight training, what are the benefits? The benefits of weight training, in correct dosages, are enormous. Every athlete makes the mistake of not putting back into their body what running takes out. An automobile needs … [Read more...]

The top ten most common mistakes people make in the gym

The Biggest Fitness Blunders in your local Gym The top ten most common mistakes people make when exercising. At the very least, these errors undermine the effectiveness of a workout. At worst, they may lead to strain, pain, and … [Read more...]