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Archives for 2013

Hampton Court Half Marathon programs launched

Time-to-Run are happy to announce that we are partnering with the Hampton Court Half Marathon on the 23rd February 2014, by providing downloadable training programs as well as an opportunity for feedback and advice on our Training Feedback … [Read more...]

Blog articles on AB launched

Recently, TheEd launched a series of blog style articles on the athlete known as AB. One of the main reasons behind the blog series was to provide inspiration to others out there, when they read of the change and progression of the athlete. … [Read more...]

Guidelines to Stretching

  Guidelines to Stretching should be part of your stretching program. Whereas we provide a simple stretching format under this section, we are aware that there are individuals who would like to take their stretching that bit further. … [Read more...]

sub 55 minute 10k program launched

Time-to-Run is happy to announce that we have introduced the new sub 55 minute 10k Training schedule to the 10km programs we provide. … [Read more...]

sub 60 minute 10k program added

Due to popular requests for a sub 60 minute 10k schedule we have introduced the latest entry to the 10km programs. … [Read more...]