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Tola wins Warsaw 2014

Tadesse Tola - Warsaw Marathon

The exciting second ORLEN Warsaw Marathon has just been completed. After a fierce battle, the fastest runner over the distance of 42.195 km during the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon proved to be Tadesse Tola (Ethiopia) with a time of 2h:06min:55s.

Over 30,000 competitors, including the best runners from around the world, took part in races held in all distance categories.

The winner over 42,195 km was Tadesse Tola (Ethiopia), with a time of 2h:06min:55s. In second was Levy Matebo Omari (Kenya) with a result of 2h:08min:09s, and third place was taken by Henryk Szost (Poland) with a time of 2h:08min:55s. The rivalry among female marathon runners also provided the audience with many sports thrills, and the winner was Ehile Bizuayehu (Ethiopia), with a time of 2h:30min:30s. The second fastest woman was Iwona Lewandowska (Poland) who achieved a time of 2h:32min:42s, and in third place was Maryna Damatsevich (Belarus) with a result of  2h:33min:56s.

In parallel with the marathon, a 10 km race was also held, and the day before
a Charity Walkathon was organised, in which the participants completed a distance of 4.6 km.

I am glad that the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon is gradually becoming an event that attracts world-class athletes – says Leszek Kurnicki, head of the organising committee of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. We are anxious to see that with each year, the sporting quality and level of the event is improving and it is becoming increasingly recognisable on a global scale. We are striving to ensure that the marathon attracts as many runners from other countries as possible

Although still considered a relatively new and yet not fully discovered running destination in Europe, Warsaw has been gaining recognition among runners, who appreciate the charms of the city, the well-prepared route and the professionally organised event. This year, the route of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon went over the Poniatowski and Świętokrzyski Bridges, along Aleje Ujazdowskie and past the monument of Marshal Józef Piłsudski and the historic Royal Baths (Łazienki Królewskie). The battle among the participants of the marathon was fierce and exciting – form the very start, all the runners spared no effort and competed with great determination. The atmosphere was even further heated up by the crowds that gathered along the route and cheered the runners all the time. Also, runners were able to win attractive financial and non-cash prizes sponsored by the event partners, including a Mercedes GLA (for marathoners) and a Smart Fortwo coupe (for runners in the 10 km run). The total money in the prize pool amounted to EUR 150,000.

The two-day running event in Warsaw was attended by 5 competitors from the UK.

The next Orlen Warsaw Marathon will be held on 26th April 2015.

Classification of runners from the United Kingdom

1Stephen Sweeney 3:57:54
2Barry Dewey 4:00:18
3Boris Padgett 4:09:01
4Chris Brown 4:27:42
5Sean Palmer 4:34:58

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