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On-Running Cloudrunners Men Review


Time-to-Run tests On Running Cloudrunners – Cloudrunners offer the runner, through their CloudTec technology, a support and absorption through unique hollow rubber pads (‘clouds’) on the soles. These close on impact to provide an impressive level of absorption and also give a solid base from which to launch each new stride.

Review On-Running Cloudrunners for Men

Product: On Cloudrunner
Size: EUR 44 / UK 9.5 / US 10
Weight: 220 g (koko US 7)
Price: 180 € / 115 £ / 120 $

Of the ‘On’ range of 5 different types of shoe, Cloudrunners are specifically aimed at building runners endurance levels, aswell as long training sessions and high impact runs both on, and of road, whilst proudly making the statement to ‘make concrete easy’.

The target speed stated by On Running for the cloudrunner is 5-6 min/km or 8-9.5min/mile

50 year old man, who has been running more off than on for a number of years, but more regularly and intensely for the past 10 months. PB for 10k presently 43mins, and 21k 1hr 40. Weight 71 kg, height 1.81 m, Mid/forefoot striker.

The Review
I was introduced to On Cloudrunners by my trainer who had advised more cushioning following increasingly chronic strains and micro tears in both my archiles and calf areas. This was as a result of the previous four and a half years running in very minimum barefoot shoes, (which in turn was a largely successful attempt to ´cure´my chronic knee problems !)

I wanted and needed a shoe that still encouraged my natural running style, something I was happy with in my ‘barefeet’,  I had reached a point though where i needed more absorption, so was it a case of Cloudrunners to the rescue?

As it turns out, it has been! The strains and pains I was regularly experiencing before have eased to a point of normality, and my initial fears that knee problems would resurface have proven unfounded. My uninterrupted training has seen my strength, stamina and times continue to improve, but in the first few weeks this was definitely not the case.

You see, with the minimal ‘pure’ barefeet I felt everything whilst running….pebbles, stones, cracks, uneven surfaces, and my style naturally adapted to suit. My tread, my pace, weight distribution read the course i was running expertly and this was an aspect i grew to like very much. So, to return after 4.5 years to a more ‘cushioned’ shoe initially felt cumbersome, inflexible, heavy and very slow, a bit like having two large lumps of foam stuck to my feet. On the whole my Cloudrunners felt alien and awkward.

Perseverance, and a reasonably long wearing in period has allowed me to accept and enjoy my Cloudrunners to a point where they too, now feel natural to me. Allowing for a slow breaking in period is important. Muscles which previously were being tested less were forced to work harder, so initial tweaks in mainly shin, hips and hamstrings have all but disappeared, and my Cloudrunning experience continues to be a largely positive, happy, pain and injury free one.

Comfort and snugfit; absorption and endurance quality; stylish design

Lengthy breaking in period; grip/stickability on damper road surfaces, and inflexibility off road.

Cloudrunners deliver on their promises, giving the runner increased absorption whilst still encouraging a natural running style.

A lengthy breaking in period is recommended if switching from a more traditional or ‘pure’ barefoot shoe to allow for adjustment, but the pain relieving benefits are to be praised, as well as the endurance qualities that the On Cloudrunners give.

On Running Cloudrunner Shoe Review by Richard Ellis




Natural Footstrike



  • Lightweight
  • Snugfit


  • Slippery on wet surface

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