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Review Skechers GOrun for Women

Skechers GOrun

Piia Doyle, mother of 3 and Time-to-Run Suomi’s Editor, reviews the Skechers GOrun for Women. Relatively new to running but moved to a level that many would like to aspire to.

Skechers GOrun Women Review

Product: Skechers GOrun for women
Size: EUR 39 / UK 6 / US 9
Weight: 139 g / 4.9 oz
Price: 80 €/ 71 £ / 80 $

Features: Radically lightweight Skechers GOrun is designed to promote a mid-foot strike as well as to enhance sensory feedback to promote a more responsive run on practically any surface. The shoe brings the runner closer to a barefoot experience while it still provides just enough cushioning to protect. 360° responsive flexibility allows the feet move more naturally, while the integrated anti-microbial sock liner helps inhibit odour and prevent slippage. The roomier front provides extra space to reduce friction and allowing your toes to spread, grip and push off.

Reviewer: 36-year-old female runner who has been running/training on and off for 2 years. Personal best for 10K 40:24 recorded in 2010. Weight 54 kg, height 167 cm, normal gait.
The review: I have always been a more of a heel/mid foot runner. The shoe felt very different (peculiar) when I tried them on for the first time due to the minimal cushioning in the heel area. It was as if I was standing on my heels. As soon as I started running I could tell that I was landing on my mid foot (instead of heels!) and from there nicely rolling onto my forefoot. GOrun so naturally contributes/supports this running action. And, the cushioning, albeit minimal, was exactly where I wanted it to be. The GOrun is such a light shoe and the rubber sole makes it so quiet on the road that you feel as a smooth runner as any pro looks like. It took some time to get used to the roomier front as I always preferred a tighter model but now I enjoy my toes getting more a spacious ride.

Negatives: The sole is quite soft so if you run on gravel you are definitely going to feel the bigger stones. The pattern of the sole also collects smaller stones, so once you are on the road after the dirt bit, you may want to pick those out.

Skechers GOrun supports the more natural running action by promoting mid-foot strike. Due to its light weight and minimal cushioning it brings you closer to a barefoot experience, yet providing just enough cushioning to protect your knees and joints.

Review by Piia Doyle – Time-to-Run Suomi Editor

Skechers GOrun




Natural Footstrike



  • Lightweight
  • Natural Roll


  • Lack of Cushioning
  • Stability

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