Troubleshooters' Injury GuideInjury guide - Troubleshooters' Guide - common injuries A guide to where the sites are for the most common running injuries.

Common Running InjuriesThe BIG 5 - the five most Common Running Injuries - Achilles tendonitis - chondromalacia (runner's knee) - iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome - plantar fasciitis and shinsplints.

Injury Treatment ApproachesInjury Treatment Approaches Knowing the cause and providing detailed information regarding the treatment of injuries is always made more difficult without being able to analyse

Recurrent Hamstring Injuries and TreatmentRecurrent Hamstring injuries (a.k.a. the problem hamstring) Recurrent hamstring strains are one of the most common running injuries. We aim to explain why, how you can get back

Injury prevention tipsInjury prevention tips Avoid training when you are tired. Tired muscles provide inadequate support for tendons, ligaments, and bones, increasing the risk of strains, sprains, and fractures.

Leg and Foot CrampsLeg & Foot Cramps Many runners have had the experience of having a peaceful night of sleep interrupted suddenly and without warning by a severe cramp in some part of their leg or foot

Best Predictors of InjuryThe best predictors of injury If you're a runner, the link between training quantity and injury means that total training mileage is an excellent indicator of your injury risk.

Reduce Injury Minimise ImpactTo reduce injury risk, you need to minimise impactHalf of your brain rationally advises caution while the other half screams, "Get out the door!"

The Gift of InjuryThe Gift of an Injury In this article I want to discuss the idea that an injury, if it is treated and acted on in the right way, can actually be a gift to runners.

Comeback from InjuryThe Comeback from Injury Never mind the physical pain of the injury, the psychic pain of not being able to run can sometimes be even worse. Force yourself to tough it out.