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Babsyrun 21-03-2018 09:20 AM

Trying to get to sub 45 now need help!
Hiya everyone,

Firstly I am new the blogs but not the 10k programmes. I have gone from a 58 minute 10k runner to 47:44 secs which I am completely chuffed about.

I have however now stalled. I think I have lost a bit of confidence. I am one of these people who in my mind can't run a sub 7 minute mile. I have also got into the mindset that if I don't make my splits then its a failure. I haven't been able to make any of the sub 45 min 6 x 1km splits since then nor the 10k ones.

Anyway my 5k time also stands at 22.38 mins and both 10k and 5k times were set last year. Ever since I have gone down to 48:12 and 23 mins respectively. This also included a off training period and build up period afterwards.

I should also add that my half marathon time in that period went from PB 1 hr 52 to 1hr 49 mins, again I was ecstatic. I would also like to keep my weekly long run but don't know here to include it.

So, any tips would be so appreciated guys.

Babsyrun 22-03-2018 12:52 PM

Heres how it went....
So here is how I got on last night...I actually enjoyed it!

x 3 2km 2 mins rest. By the time I got the 4th was nearly sick so just jogged home 5km.

1km 4:39
2km 4.34
3km 4.24
4km 4.34
5km 4.31
6km 4.47

That last one was slow and I don't think I pace very well.

Any ideas on what to do for the next 2 days was going to do a 30 min recover run today, rest tomorrow and long run Saturday?


TheEd 22-03-2018 01:19 PM

Hi Babsyrun, and welcome to the forums

firstly, congrats on the great improvement with your running and personal bests over the various distances

what distance are you up to for your long run?

are you able to provide your plans for the next couple of months regarding races and goals

and do you have a local 5k Parkrun?

over to you


Babsyrun 26-03-2018 07:41 AM

Over to me...
Hi Ed,

My long run is between 1 hour 30 to 2 hours in length and just enjoyed the slow switch off...

End of last week was...

Friday REST
Saturday I did 1 hours 30 mins - really enjoyed it although it was average 8:20 pace and felt tired afterwards
Sunday Junior Park run 1.6 km

Today was going to attempt x6 1 km repeats as I am travelling the rest of the week. What do you think?

My races next are as follows;

10K 15th April

10k 29th April

1st June Half Marathon

10k 1st July

The races are on slightly odd dates due to the extreme weather we've had and they've been re-arranged.

I do indeed have a local park run although it is very undulating and my PB I must confess was on a another very flat park run course.

Think I am scared of hills!

Thanks as always


TheEd 26-03-2018 09:16 AM

so you on track at the moment

2k session .. long run

better to do the 1k session on Tuesday, as your legs are tired from the long run. Unless, your legs are fine now?

what distance are you covering in your 2hr run?


Babsyrun 26-03-2018 12:32 PM

Hi Ed,

I am on track.

Overall I do feel tired so I think you're right on seeing if I can postpone until tomorrow or Weds?

Average 2 hour run is about 13 miles in length.


TheEd 26-03-2018 01:17 PM

OK, so you doing a solid distance

don't try to make up for missing the 1k session

continue with the next days training as per normal

let's see how things are by the end of the week

on we go


Babsyrun 26-03-2018 01:30 PM

Okay making plans for the 1km session for the Tuesday (tomorrow) and see how the rest of the week goes.

I am looking to do the 5k race on Saturday. Take it that is still ok? Won't make 22:30 though but will give it a go for sure.

Can I do my long run on Sunday in anticipation of much chocolate on that day!???

Thanks again Ed

TheEd 26-03-2018 01:44 PM

All good and onto Saturday event

what distance are you planning for Sunday

best reduce that distance for recovery


Babsyrun 27-03-2018 07:31 AM

Disappointed this morning x5 1km

Mind you was early morning all I had was a gel. Ah well.

Sunday long run 10 miles?

Trying not to lose heart.

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