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Tallon 15-10-2015 03:47 PM

Sub40 goal midlife crisis?
im 40yr male, started doing sport 4 yrs ago with 90kg, but lost one year due to ankle fracture. I feel comfortable running again since last 6 months, although physio says i shouldnt run more then 3/4 times a week. Have done in the last month 10k in 46min24 and 5k in 22min07.
My plan is to do several cycles of the sub45 program with T=4min30 and F=4min20, and long term goal is to reach sub40 10k and lower bodyweight from currently 79 to around 72.
Looking forward to share the results here.

TheEd 16-10-2015 06:41 AM

Hi Tallon, welcome to the forums, and congrats on making the commitment to achieving your goals

OK, so have you everything sorted out? You could run a 4k time-trial so we have some 'marker' to start with

if you use a heart rate monitor, you can provide that feedback as well

over to you


Tallon 15-11-2015 09:37 AM

Dear TheEd.

thank you for your follow up.

Last month has been unstructured training. Really looking forward to do the cycle.

Yesterday 14/11/2015 did a 2K race on track:
km1: 03m40sec bmp: 122
km2: 03m54sec bmp: 147
comfort level: felt good 1st km, extremely hard second km

Next sunday 22/11/2015 planned a cross of 4.5K

TheEd 15-11-2015 01:27 PM

Hi Tallon, do you know what you need to do from here?

will you start on the sub 45 minute 10k program for now?


will await your reply


Tallon 15-11-2015 02:40 PM

Dear TheEd:
yes I will do the sub45 program.
I will post only the quality sessions?
Kind regards

TheEd 16-11-2015 11:26 AM

ok good. Are you OK with your easy runs, running slower while re-adapting to the quality?



Tallon 19-11-2015 07:15 PM

day 3 4x2k R90-2min 8min 50 (4.25 per k) T
warmup 5min
2k 8min53 bpm 155
2k 8min40 bpm 157
2k 8min40 bpm 154
2k 8min39 bpm 157
cooldown 5min

hard but breathing under control

Tallon 21-11-2015 06:47 PM

day 4 sub45 program long run
Dear TheEd
out of curiosity :
* Ran today 1h32min @ 5.54min/km and bpm 143. Easy on the breathing part : did the talk test several times. Legs and feet feel tired though as I am not used to ran so long, but this is the purpose i guess ?
* Easy runs should be hrm wise in the cardio (125-143 bpm says my TomTom) or rather in the fitness zone (107-125)?

Thank you.

Tallon 24-11-2015 04:40 PM

day 8 sub45: 6x1K
measurements were a mess as i mixed up the distances

890m 3min56 bpm 146
1k 4min21 bpm 157
1k 4min27 bpm 162
840m 3min39 bpm 167
1k 4min19 bpm 162
1k 4min23 bpm 164

Felt extremely hard breathing wise and could not reach the target times. Also running was not on running track like the 2k series that went well. Now that the hard days (day3-day8) are over will take it more easy to adapt to the cycle. Program says to do on day 12 a 5k paced run, but I need to swap day 12 and day 13 and will run 5km race @4min30 target on sunday.

TheEd 26-11-2015 08:17 PM

this takes some getting used to, try to mark out a course you can use continually, and with time the balance will come

be patient and just flow, getting into a routine will happen and the results will come



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