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OsirisD 03-07-2017 04:52 PM

Hi Ed,
On Sunday I had a 80min easy trail run with my gf, avg HR was 141bpm.

Today I did a bit of strength training... The thing is, my left knee started bothering me for the past couple of weeks. It's not pain, but I don't really enjoy the sensation.

So I plan to do some strength training once a week to strengthen my legs & ligaments. I did a strength training session today on day 00, next one I plan to do it on day 9 of the cycle and the other one probably in day 14. You see any issue with the schedule?

I also plan to run some of the easy runs on trails and/or on a track. In theory this will reduce joint impact.

I also started taking shark cartilage supplement for about 2 weeks now.

For active rest unfortunately I can't swim(for now) so it will probably be complete rest or easy bike ride.

For the 2k session this Thursday, like you said before the build-up, the first 2 x 2k I plan to run at 4:20/km and the next 3 x 2k I plan to run at 4:15/km. Looking forward to the session :-)))

OsirisD 08-07-2017 02:00 PM

Summary for this week:

* Day 01(Tuesday) - 70min easy; 11.98km @ 5.51min/km @ 148bpm avg HR
* Day 02 - skipped
* Day 03(Thursday) - 5 x 2k; first 2 x 2k @ 4.20/km, the rest @ 4.15/km @ 29-30 dec C. Breakdown:
  • 1st 2k; perceived effort 2/5
    km1 -> 4m:16s @ 162 bpm avg
    km2 -> 4m:20s @ 171 bpm avg
  • R1 -> 90s; 138 avg bpm and 125bpm right at the start of 2'nd 2k
  • 2nd 2k; perceived effort 2/5
    km1 -> 4m:20s @ 162 bpm avg
    km2 -> 4m:19s @ 172 bpm avg
  • R2 -> 90s; 143 avg bpm and 127bpm right at the start of 3'rd 2k
  • 3rd 2k; perceived effort 3/5
    km1 -> 4m:15s @ 167 bpm avg
    km2 -> 4m:14s @ 176 bpm avg
  • R3 -> 90s; 152 avg bpm and 133bpm right at the start of 4'th 2k
  • 4th 2k; perceived effort 4/5
    km1 -> 4m:16s @ 169 bpm avg
    km2 -> 4m:13s @ 178 bpm avg
  • R4 -> 90s; 156 avg bpm and 136bpm right at the start of 5'th 2k
  • 5th 2k; perceived effort 4/5
    km1 -> 4m:16s @ 170 bpm avg
    km2 -> 4m:12s @ 179 bpm avg
The 5 x 2k session felt nice overall. I believe I could have done all 5 x 2k at 4.15/km.

* Day 4(Friday) - easy 22km bike ride @ 143bpm avg HR
* Day 5(Saturday) - long run... it felt horrible! Target was to run around 22km, temperature was 31 deg C, no shade. I ended up running 18km because I struggled to keep the pulse below 153bpm. Avg pace was 6.31/km; total time 1h:57m; 151bpm avg HR. Last kms were ran above 7min/km, it felt really horrible so I stopped at 18k. Hopefully the next long run will be more enjoyable.

Tomorrow I'll do an easy trail run.
Target pace for the 6 x 1k next week is 4min/km.

P.S. Also check post above.

All the best Ed & have a nice weekend!

TheEd 10-07-2017 08:18 AM

HI O, how are things going with the knee?

your 2k session is quite decent

as for the long run, after 1hr of running, consider stopping for a water break and stretch a little, then break the next segments into 20 minute runs with a 1 minute break to take on water and stretch a little before running again

the little rest should help

good luck with the 1k session


OsirisD 11-07-2017 06:40 PM

Hey Ed,
My knee is ok. Changing terrain probably helped.

The 2k session felt really comfortable, however, I cannot say the same for the 1k session today...

Monday(day 07) I did a 1hr easy; 9.89km @ 6.04/km @ 149bpm avg HR @ 36 deg C

Tuesday(day 08) I did the 6 x 1k session. Plan was 4min/km but I failed to take into account the temperature(33 deg C). The first 3 laps were ok, however the last 3 weren't. Compared to the last 6 x 1k session, HR looks better but I have no ideea why I just couldn't accelerate. Legs felt heavy despite the fact that I had HR reserve left. Anyway, breakdown below:
  • km 1 -> 3m:58s @ 167 bpm avg, perceived effort 2/5
    r1 -> 1m @ 155 bpm avg & 137 bpm right at the start of 2'nd km
  • km 2 -> 4m:01s @ 171 bpm avg, perceived effort 3/5
    r2 -> 1m @ 161 bpm avg & 149 bpm right at the start of 3'rd km
  • km 3 -> 3m:59s @ 173 bpm avg, perceived effort 3/5
    r3 -> 1m @ 166 bpm avg & 152 bpm right at the start of 4'th km
  • km 4 -> 4m:04s @ 176 bpm avg, perceived effort 4.5/5
    r4 -> 1m @ 168 bpm avg & 153 bpm right at the start of 5'th km
  • km 5 -> 4m:13s @ 179 bpm avg, perceived effort 5/5
    r5 -> 1m @ 167 bpm avg & 154 bpm right at the start of 6'th km
  • km 6 -> 4m:12s @ 175 bpm avg, perceived effort 5/5
    r6 -> 1m @ 168 bpm avg & 152 bpm right at the end

For this Saturdays session(day 12), what do you suggest I do? If I do a paced 5k, what pace should I aim for? Temperature forecast for next Saturday is 24-25 deg C, so a bit cooler.

TheEd 14-07-2017 08:16 AM

with your weather being hot, do not focus too much on the result

try to do the sessions without too much expectation

the 5k paced, is half the time you would like to run a 10k in currently

hope this helps and enjoy


OsirisD 15-07-2017 04:40 PM

Hello Ed,
Summary this week:

Day 09 - did a bit of strength training at home

Day 10 - 60min easy that turned into 75mins because pulse was steady throughout and felt comfortable; 75mins, 12.63km @ 5:56/km @ 147 bpm avg hr @ 28 deg C

Day 12 - 5km paced - target was 4:10/km, but I started at 4:20/km and increased pace by 5s each km. 5km, 20:49 @ 4:09/km @ 174 bpm avg hr @ 20 deg C.
* km 1 - 4:18/km
* km 2 - 4:14/km
* km 3 - 4:10/km
* km 4 - 4:05/km
* km 5 - 3:59/km

I sent you a PM with the Garmin activity in case you want to take a look over it.

Have a nice weekend Ed!

TheEd 18-07-2017 11:17 AM

O, your 5k pace judgement was quite superb

apply this to your racing and you sure to get the results you desire

nice going


OsirisD 18-07-2017 07:02 PM

Ed, it's not really pace judgement by feel, because I was relying on my watch for pace. The last 1km felt quite hard(5/5 effort almost).

A little update for the past days:

Day 13: 75mins easy run; 12.77km @ 5.52/km avg pace @ 147bpm avg HR @ 21 deg C. Later that day I went for a very easy 42km bike ride @ 82bpm avg HR.

Day 14: 60mins easy run; 10.52km @ 5.42/km avg pace @ 149bpm avg HR @ 28 deg C

Day 15: 10 x 400m session, target pace 3.50/km translated into a 1m32s/400m lap. I also decreased the rest from 60s to 45s because last 400m session felt very easy. Session felt comfortably hard, outside temp was 31 deg C. Breakdown below:
  • L1 -> 1m:30s @ 155 bpm avg, with 171 bpm HR max
  • R1 -> 45s @ 156 bpm avg
  • L2 -> 1m:31s @ 165 bpm avg, with 174 bpm HR max
  • R2 -> 45s @ 155 bpm avg
  • L3 -> 1m:31s @ 166 bpm avg, with 176 bpm HR max
  • R3 -> 45s @ 161 bpm avg
  • L4 -> 1m:29s @ 168 bpm avg, with 178 bpm HR max
  • R4 -> 45s @ 163 bpm avg
  • L5 -> 1m:31s @ 168 bpm avg, with 177 bpm HR max
  • R5 -> 45s @ 166 bpm avg
  • L6 -> 1m:31s @ 171 bpm avg, with 178 bpm HR max
  • R6 -> 45s @ 166 bpm avg
  • L7 -> 1m:30s @ 169 bpm avg, with 180 bpm HR max
  • R7 -> 45s @ 168 bpm avg
  • L8 -> 1m:30s @ 171 bpm avg, with 180 bpm HR max
  • R8 -> 45s @ 170 bpm avg
  • L9 -> 1m:31s @ 173 bpm avg, with 180 bpm HR max
  • R9 -> 45s @ 172 bpm avg
  • L10 -> 1m:30s @ 174 bpm avg, with 181 bpm HR max
  • R10 -> 45s @ 170 bpm avg

How do you suggest I end this cycle? I mean for Thursday & Saturday. Should I follow the plan normally?

TheEd 21-07-2017 10:11 AM

O, how are you going?

you can finish off the cycle and for Saturday, you can either do a 4 to 8k test or do a longer hard paced trail run

you decide


OsirisD 22-07-2017 05:11 PM

Hi Ed,
I did the fartlek session on Thursday, went really nice.

Unfortunately, Friday I felt like crap all day, must have been something I ate, because my stomach was upset. I woke up Saturday morning feeling a bit better, but not completely, so I decided to go for a trail run in the afternoon.
Bad idea. After 3km I had to stop and return to the car. Pulse was through the roof and I was feeling completely out of breath. Couldn't run at all...

I'll probably take a rest tomorrow, depending on how I feel. And will start a new cycle on Tuesday next week.

Enjoy the weekend!

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