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silva 23-01-2018 01:57 AM

Sub 40:00 10km
Hello everyone

I´ve been following this forum for some time now, and finally decided to try the 10km training program, share it here, and hopefully get some tips along the way.
Quick background: I’m 38yr male, 177cm, 67kg, started running about 3 years ago, being a recreational cyclist for the last 12 years. Normally I don’t run more than 3 times a week, and almost every weekend I have one day reserved for the bike.
My goal is to be able to do a 10km run in less than 40:00. I was supposed to start the program in the beginning of last December, but a sprained ankle said otherwise…

The mandatory 4km test run, on an improvised street circuit, went like this:
3:54 (last km hard effort)
(total: 15:46)

For reference, this were my best times in 2017, taken from strava:
1km 3:25
5km 19:37
10km 42:06
Half-marathon 1:38:29 (my first hm)

Looking forward to post my progress here, and get some feedback from TheEd


ollycowan 24-01-2018 09:06 AM

Hi Silva,

your numbers are very close to what I was doing before I started this program again recently. The program works, follow The Ed's advice and you'll be sub-40 in one or two cycles.

Good luck!

TheEd 24-01-2018 10:06 AM

Hi silva, and welcome to the forums

from first glance it looks like you have quite a decent engine under the bonnet, let's see what can be done

to set your pace for your 2k session, please read 10k Program Tips

then come back to say whether it all went well (in working out your pace)

we can accommodate how you want train and how often

Day 3 to Day 8 can be done with Rest days in-between the key sessions

ok, over to you


silva 26-01-2018 01:29 AM

Hi ollycowan, thanks for the encouragement, hopefully it's going to work with me as well.

Hi TheEd, thanks for your followup.

I'm planning to stick to the plan as much as possible, but leaving most of the "easy sessions" out, at least until I can cope with the volume, or as long as I don'thave to work late.
All the week sessions are going to be at night (and be subject to the winter weather), before dinner, and weekend sessions will be during daytime.

I started the program this Tuesday, and did a 60min 12,4km run (4:52 avg, 138bpm avg/152bpm max), effort 3/5.

The Thursday run (5x2k) was obviously my most anticipated one, and I don't know why, but somehow I was expecting to bonk towards the end of it. I don't usually do intervals training (and when I do, they're much shorter), and I do it more to break the routine than to take some gains out of it.
It was especially cold and windy tonight (5°C), fortunately it stop raining. As I run in an improvised ~1.2km street circuit, I am relying on my gps watch, so there is some margin of error in the data, I was aiming to a 4:05/km, or 8:10/2km. This was the result:

4:13 (I messed up the pace...) (effort 3/5)




3:51 (effort 4.5/5)

Avg HR: 149bpm
Max HR: 162 bmp

I should say that my normal HR is low, being the rest HR (45bpm), or my max HR (I rarely go above 170 -- I should theoretically be able to reach 182, witch I don't think I ever did as long as have a HR monitor-- and even for short bursts, when I do it, I usual take a long time to recover). Did a HR stress test 5 month ago, doctor said everything was ok.

So, if I don't take the 2nd km into consideration, I'm pretty happy with the results. I guess the cold weather did more right then wrong for me today. But should I have sticked to the 4:05 predicted pace?
For comparison, the last km in the 4k test was harder then the last interval today.

I have one extra combo question for this weekend: I'm going to do the 1h30m long run this Saturday, all off road, some hilly bits: Should I keep the pace 1 to 1:30 above predicted race pace as well? And how wise is it to do my usual Sunday bike group ride (~50km ride)?...

Thanks for all the help

TheEd 26-01-2018 07:17 AM

Hi silva, thank you for the excellent feedback

that looked to be a very good 2k session, shows a lot of promise for going sub 40 for 10k

for your long run, keep the beginning around 75 seconds to 90 seconds slower than race pace, and for the hills, don't worry about face but concentrate on shortening the stride and relaxing while practising a light arm pull with your hands flicking close to where the top of your shorts are around your waist (at your side)

this should be practised on all the hills. When you get to racing and you hit the early hills in a race you will apply the same, however your pace would be naturally quicker in a race but you will be applying control to your race and not just running the course.

hope this understandable :)

as for the cycle on Sunday, I would not recommend it for this week, for you doing Day 3 to Day 8 for the first time, from next weekend it should be no problem, and if the 1st cycle goes well then adding the cycle in the 2nd cycle should be OK

hope this is OK for you, to practise caution this time round

may all go well


silva 31-01-2018 01:30 AM

So, the long run this Saturday could not be done during daytime, so decided to postpone for early Sunday (followed your advice and cut the cycling for this week) Really enjoy it and felt pretty good throughout (first long off road since my sprained ankle). My running technique is a work in progress, appreciate your tips.

Pace 5:08
317m up
144 avg hr

End up skipping the easy sessions and did the the 6x1km today. Not really sore from the long run, but apprehensive for what its toll would be in the last intervals. Was aiming at 3:50, since the 5x2k went better then expected. Ended up like this:

3:33 (messed up the pace again... effort 4/5)
3:50 (4/5)
3:49 (4,5/5)
3:46 (effort 5/5)
3:50 (5.5/5)
3:47 (6/5 damn!...)

Max HR 166bpm, which I think I reached at the end of most intervals.

Definitely the hardest workout yet, looking forward to the easier session tomorrow.


TheEd 01-02-2018 10:50 AM

you need to focus on recovery now.

What have you planned for the end of this cycle?


silva 01-02-2018 12:39 PM

For now, the first real test it's going to be a 13km trail run, March 4th, matching the end of the 2nd cycle, so I still have time to improve.

As I don't have any race planned for the end of the 1st cicle, do you suggest a 10km test?

Also... March 11th (1 week apart), there is an half marathon I'm considering going, would like to know your opinion on it.

Thanks for your attention TheEd


TheEd 02-02-2018 10:17 AM

hi silva, consider doing either a 4k · 5k · 6k or 8k, never a 10k on your own

you are able to race at the end of the cycle and 1 week later

it is still some way off, so a number of good sessions to come


silva 05-02-2018 05:29 PM

Roger that TheEd.

Quick update,
after the 6x1km session, did the 60min easy run Thursday, which was a chore, sore calf muscles, very cold weather.
Avg HR=137
Max HR=150bpm
total ascent=117m

Saturday was the 5km day, but didn't sleep much, woke with a bit of a cold, sore calf and decided to take a day off. Sunday was feeling better and went for it. I chose a somewhat hilly stretch of road (where I usually do my 5km runs). Wasn't really feeling it, but didn't feel any constraints physically. (effort 4.5/5)

4:55/km (total=19:37)
Avg HR=155
Max HR=165 bpm
total ascent=43m

Lets see how Tuesday session turns out.


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