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Boony 23-04-2018 01:26 PM

Getting Back Into It - 10K Training
Its been a long time since I last posted here. Life has been busy, running a business, moving and starting a family. So the commitment to running and exercise has been sporadic to say the least.

I'm in good health and my weight has been no problem. I have also been doing some running, but without the structure or consistency.

Watching the LDN Marathon yesterday, and seeing two of my friends complete it has inspired me, and I would love to get the structure back, approach things with a more long term mindset so that I can allow running to become part of my life, without the constant striving for something better (the results will come anyway)...Also, I would love to be a role model for my daughter, so she hopefully lead a healthy lifestyle as well.

I know this system, and the support works, as previously I went from 60min 10K to being well on course for sub 40min. This time out I am happy to just take each session day by day and allow whatever improvements occur to just happen. So I have no specific goal to achieve, except for always turning up and doing the best I can.

Here are previous two incarnations

I'm going to jump into the sub 60 program to start with, and take things from there.

TheEd, can you remind me again the correct info to post for each session?



PS. If anyone on here is on Strava please feel free to add me - https://www.strava.com/athletes/7341727

Boony 24-04-2018 08:41 AM

Day 1 - sub 60 10K Program

60mins - 8.12KM - 7.23Min/KM - 148BPM

A nice easy run, could easily talk throughout.



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Ideal Weight (15/07/18) 80.0 Kg
Resting HR 67

PS. TheEd are there any other stats that I can add here that would be useful? I have access to the stuff in Strava, and some other figures I haven't got the time to understand from within TrainasOne.

Boony 25-04-2018 08:00 AM

Day 2 - sub 60 10K Program

30mins - 4.63KM - 6.27Min/KM - 149BPM

A nice easy run, could easily talk throughout.



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Current Weight (25/04/18) 87.9Kg
Ideal Weight (15/07/18) 80.0 Kg
Resting HR 64

Boony 26-04-2018 07:41 AM

Day 3 - sub 60 10K Program

3 x 2KM
1 - 2KM - 10:10 - 5.05Min/KM - 167BPM
2 - 2KM - 10:15 - 5.07Min/KM - 174BPM
3 - 2KM - 10:17 - 5:08Min/KM - 179BPM

I set my Garmin for 2KM interval, and used a grass running track, the Garmin was stopping me with about 100M left on the track each time, so something was wrong somewhere. Anyway, I finished off the laps as per the track, just to make sure I was doing 2KM each time. I think next time I will just use the track distance and the lap button on the Garmin.

Having done this before the muscle memory of the correct pace to run at kicked in straight away, so these 2KM were probably as quick as I could go whilst ensuring the consistency and form was maintained throughout the 3 sets.

I had forgotten how good it feels to get the 2K session under your belt, and I was pleasantly surprised at the pace, a nice opportunity to go under 52.30 for the 10K race at the end of this cycle.



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Current Weight (25/04/18) 88.3Kg
Ideal Weight (15/07/18) 80.0 Kg
Resting HR ?

TheEd 28-04-2018 09:42 AM

Hi Nick, apologies, because this was a new thread, I didn't receive the email

let me go through the data and I will reply accordingly

welcome back


Boony 28-04-2018 10:31 AM

Day 5 - sub 60 10K Program

1:45:45 - 16.65KM - 6.21Min/KM - 156BPM



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Current Weight (25/04/18) 87.9Kg
Ideal Weight (15/07/18) 80.0 Kg
Resting HR 64

Boony 30-04-2018 06:27 AM

Day 6 - sub 60 10K Program - 30 mins easy - did not do

Day 7 - sub 60 10K Program - 30 mins easy

30:00 - 4.81KM - 6.11Min/KM - No HR Monitor

5x1KM tomorrow - based on my 3x2K Session I will aim at 4.55 per KM. Sound OK?



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Current Weight (30/04/18) 89.4Kg
Ideal Weight (15/07/18) 80.0 Kg
Resting HR 64

Boony 01-05-2018 08:22 AM

Day 8 - sub 60 10K Program

5 x 1KM
Rep - Distance - Time - Pace - Av HR
1 - 1.08KM - 4:52 - 4.30Min/KM - 161BPM
2 - 1.09KM - 4:55 - 4.31Min/KM - 163BPM
3 - 1.08KM - 4:51 - 4.27Min/KM - 167BPM
4 - 1.09KM - 4.56 - 4.29Min/KM - 170BPM
5 - 1.08KM - 4.51 - 4.29Min/KM - 172BPM

I ran the same grass track as the 3x2K session, and did the efforts based on the track distance rather than my Garmin, so for each effort the distance is the distance recorded by my Garmin. I thought best to use the track distance, as the Garmin is showing that the track is longer than 800M, and I would rather do a little bit extra than a little bit less. Also, the walk back to start took me 2 mins each time, so I had a little extra recovery each time.

Nice session, again I went with the pace that felt like the right one, and I think I nailed it. The last 600M of the 4th and 5th reps we're tough as the HR shows. However, I kept my form and was still running in a relaxed way without straining or pushing, there wasn't any additional speed left in me though.



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Current Weight 87.7Kg
Ideal Weight 80.0 Kg
Resting HR 71
BMI 28.3
Body Fat % 30.1
Body Water% 51.8

TheEd 01-05-2018 09:40 AM

great to see your consistency, as you develop bring the rest time down before speeding up, this way your development will lay a good foundation

your muscles and ligaments will be able to develop in conjunction with your heart and lungs

once the rest period comes down, then we can look at going faster

as your weight 'normalises' to 'fighting weight' your sessions will all become easier and quicker, of course

so don't look to be fast in the beginning

all good


Boony 01-05-2018 10:12 AM

Ok, next time out I'll stick with the 90s rest period.

Do you have a suggestion for a suitable pace/time for the 5K session due this Saturday?

I was thinking of aiming at running the 10K race on the 13th May around 52.30 - I think it may be too soon to try sub 50, and I would rather get back into racing in a nice controlled way and run it strongly.


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