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JonathanWardley 13-11-2012 10:21 AM

coming off base phase/when to up the pace.
Hi TheEd,
hope this thread finds you ok ive managed to find my way around the web site now so pleased about that...just to recap i will be doing my 4k time trial again thursday as tommorrow is a rest..I will race next sunday as it will be 4 weeks off base and get a race under my belt.I plan to race the following week also so not 100 percent sure how to go about things..As the race is a week sunday i figured to repeat the last week of the cycle to try and get me in line of the program,i will post my 4k thursday and take it from there best wishes and many thanks for your time regards jon.

TheEd 13-11-2012 11:44 AM

Thank you Jon for starting a thread, appreciated

this way others can benefit from your exploits

good luck for the 4k on Thursday

till then


JonathanWardley 15-11-2012 12:55 AM

4k time trial
Hi TheEd,
well where do i start...bit of a roller coaster of evens really starting with my last easy run prior to running the 4k time trial.I was out runing an easy hour prior to my rest day and took a bit of a fall so not thinking to much about it i rested up yestoday as i felt pritty worn out to be honest.This morning after a bit of head scratching and proding and poking i went out and did an easy hour to see how things are,ive got a few niggles to be honest right knee and left glute which i caused practicing my commando rolls the other day...I was thinking wait until the weekend and try a 5k now if all is ok,i cant see me making that much progress from now till nexts weeks race so i figured take a few easy runs and go for it maybe sunday morning.What do you think regards jon.

TheEd 15-11-2012 08:38 AM

Hi Jon, let's take it 1 day at a time .. there is no rush or fuss to get this done, rather focus on being free of pain


JonathanWardley 15-11-2012 10:43 AM

Hi Ed,
got your post thanks will see how i go. icing my knee etc see what happens regards jon.

JonathanWardley 18-11-2012 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by JonathanWardley (Post 15143)
Hi Ed,
got your post thanks will see how i go. icing my knee etc see what happens regards jon.

Morning Gavin,
just wanted to get back to you about the training,Well after two complete rest days i managed a good session this morning i ran 5 x 1 kilometer times ranging from 1.3.32
5.3.25 i guess i was around 90% for this session i was happy enough to do it without any knee pain. What i want to ask is what do you think for the rest of the week as i am planning to race next sunday,which will be my first one for a few month,its around a golf course so not really worried about a time,The week after i would like to knuckel down and do my best as its a bigger race.I thought i might be best to follow your program until next sunday now as ive only missed a few easy runs and a 5k time trial so not the best but feel ok,well thats all for now looking forward to hear from you soon best wishes jon.

TheEd 18-11-2012 07:56 AM

Hi Jon, the biggest development on the program is achieved from Day 3 to Day 8

with the 5 x 2k being the session that prepares you the most for the 10k

if you have 2 races coming up it is not advisable to train and race, so you would need to find a balance for the next 2 weeks

for your 1k session what rest did you take in-between?


JonathanWardley 18-11-2012 09:59 AM

Hi gavin,
I usually rest for 1 min but today i took 1.30 which i though best as ive been a bit off the boil since finishing base phase.would you say its best to finish the cycle now and go from there.?like i said just wanted to run a race and use it as a hard work out.sorry if i am been difficult i love racing it seems to sharpen me up which i really need speak soon regards jon

JonathanWardley 21-11-2012 04:11 AM

Hi Ed,
just wanted to drop you a few lines as ive not spoke for a bit..Ive not been very well so been lucky just to do the training really,So that leads me to say i am going to race Sunday and just suck it up what ever happens,i did the 400 meter reps this morning very comfortable so might not be in that badder shape after all.1.16 on the nose for all 10 and 1 min recovery feel very easy after the 2 k reps etc..Well that's all i have at this point will check in again Sunday thanks for your advise so far best wishes Jon.

JonathanWardley 25-11-2012 03:57 AM

10k race
Hi Ed,
just wanted to drop you an email to say i did a hard 10k this morning hilly and hot would best discripe it.Just to give you an idea i went through 8k in 27.50 which is OK but sadly took until 36.30 to get to 10k hills and generally very tired.I will race next weekend as i feel i will be much better next week as i was ill prior to this race,at best this was a tempo run so feel i can push on next week then get back on to the cycle just wondered if you had any thought on this regards jon.

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