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BlakeRunner 17-02-2016 05:37 PM

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DAY 09

Hi there 'TheEd'

How are you doing ? Well I completed the x6 1000s R60 session today. I know that should have been yesterday but i couldnt run yesterday so I done them today.


If the attachments are not legible / viewable then the figures are as follows :

1 - 3.24 min/km (HR 138)
2 - 3.43 min/km (HR 96)
3 - 3.45 min/km) HR 104)
4 - 3.43 min/km (HR 99)
5 - 3.47 min/km (HR 102)
6 - 3.40 min/km (HR 112)

These I guess are average heart rates so taking into account the 60 seconds rest per K. SO i have attached a HR graph if that is better.

Ive been filling out a training planner as advised. So adding my effort and comments. I guess ill send you that once the cycle is complete or is that just for me ?

This session was not as hard going as the 2K ofcourse but I put in a lot of effort and it was first thing this morning (7.00am). I believe I should have been targeting 3.46 per k. Anyways i feel good and feel like I could handle 30 mins easy later on but I know that will lead to injuries so im going to follow the plan as strictly as i can.


BlakeRunner 19-02-2016 10:57 AM

Cycle 01 - Day 10
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Hello 'The Ed'

I hope you're having a good day. Are you running yourself at the moment ?

The plan is flying by - Already Day 11.

Last night I completed* the EASY 60min session.

*Actually I did 53.43 / 11.58km so not quite 60mins.


I thought you may like to see some different stats for comparison.
The pace was sufficient for talking and I felt it was easy. I also felt good at the end and had no lactic what so ever. Legs dont feel sore or anything today so the EASY 30 tonight should be a 'walk in the park'.

A couple of questions.

Why is it important not to go under 19.10 for the 5k paced run ?
I want to snub the EASY 60 on sunday (DAY 13) for my favoured XC hill run. I enjoy this run so much that it is pretty much the reason I run.
Monday is also only an EASY 30 so good time to recover ?


TheEd 20-02-2016 07:58 AM

good going, the 1k session is normally made tougher as it comes on Day 8

read: Thoughts behind the programs


reading this will hopefully give you more understanding about the process and what is happening


ps.. if you provide feedback here we are able to learn more about you, so all looking good

TheEd 20-02-2016 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by BlakeRunner (Post 22061)
Hello 'The Ed'

A couple of questions.

Why is it important not to go under 19.10 for the 5k paced run ?
I want to snub the EASY 60 on sunday (DAY 13) for my favoured XC hill run. I enjoy this run so much that it is pretty much the reason I run.
Monday is also only an EASY 30 so good time to recover ?


Hi there, the reason for stipulating running according to a pace, is that the 5k paced is not the run, and often runners put in a fast 5k because they 'feeling good' and then are flat when it comes to the race the following weekend

it is performing when it counts

the run on Sunday is no problem, however as mentioned above, do note that the day of performance is the following weekend, so we should do everything to assist this goal

the major aim is to train towards achieving the best performance on the days that count.



BlakeRunner 20-02-2016 08:57 PM

Cycle 01 - Day 12
Hi there 'The Ed' thanks for your advice.

And I hope you're having a great weekend.

Well I couldn't run today. Yep cant even get 20 minutes to myself. So thats the 5k paced run out the window. Weekends are a nightmare to train.

Still good to run XC and hills rather than the EASY 60 tomorrow ? I doubt ill here back before then so ill just do the hills. Its an EASY 30 mins on Monday.

ill send all the stats. I've been looking more attentively at heart rate zones the last few days and adjusting the zones on my GPS watch a bit more. Would you mind having a look over them if I send you a grab of the data ?

I dont tend to run according to a heart rate zone anyways but am thinking I may actually have to do that especially if Im running on irregular ground etc... where I cannot maintain a certain pace because of elevations.


BlakeRunner 22-02-2016 03:35 PM

Cycle 01 - Day 13
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Hello 'The Ed'

Thanks for your advice.
After reading the 'thoughts behind the programs' I decided to just go with what the plan says and did a comfortable 60 minutes. You may laugh but before now I would often enough do a Park Run on a Saturday - possibly even get a PB and then race the next day on a Sunday morning.


I realise its DAY 14 today. This is just a report for yesterday.



TheEd 24-02-2016 09:19 AM

simply roll with the program and keep it simple, and with time, the results will come. The main aim, is to train the body to perform on the day that you want your best performance.

The intention is to keep this process as simple as possible and to adapt to the sessions before increasing the workload progressively



BlakeRunner 24-02-2016 02:02 PM

Cycle 01 - Day 15
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Thanks 'TheEd'

Yea rolling along ok I think.

Yesterday - Last night was DAY 15 and the x10 400m ®60 session.

It went well. I found myself a long straight path out of the way where I could run along with no problems.

Attached are the stats :

What do you think the chances are of breaking 38 in the next 8 - 10 weeks ?

Effort wise - last night was a close 5.


BlakeRunner 26-02-2016 10:52 AM

Cycle 1 - Day 17
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Good day 'TheEd'

I'm almost at the end of this cycle. :mmm:
I'll carry on through and back to DAY 1. Ill read up on 'The Off Training Period'. Not sure that affects me yet. Ill read up.

Meanwhile I did the 30mins + 18mins Fartlek yesterday (DAY 17). Good fun although I really didnt feel like running to be honest. Would much have preferred to have sat down and had a cup of coffee. So I went out and ran anyway and the coffee tasted better for it.

So first I did the EASY 30 mins :

Attached :

And immediately followed this with the Fartlek session of - 6x 1min FAST / 1 MIN SLOW / 1 min RACE (total 18mins).

I did get a bit mixed up and screwed up the order a bit. Im not even 100% certain I understood it right. :confused:

Here's what I did. See attached :

Ok so rest day today (DAY 18) :)

Tomorrow - Race day Saturday (DAY 19). 5k Park Run(s) are ofcourse on a Saturday but I cant attend those anymore as I take my kids to their activities. Soooo should I just do a tempo run on Sat or do my hill run on Sun ?

Alright well I hope you're staying injury free and running like a gazelle.

Speak soon

TheEd 27-02-2016 04:28 PM

Best do a 4k time-trial



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