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BlakeRunner 17-03-2016 03:06 PM

Cycle 2: Day 14
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Hi 'The Ed' thanks for your reply.

Would doing the x2 - 2k loop session you mention be to gauge an accurate 2k pace ? so in the next 4k time trial I do x2 - 2k intervals and give you the splits for those.

As mentioned. I have some other data to post up.

30min easy attached :


This is on road


BlakeRunner 17-03-2016 03:35 PM

Cycle 2: Day 15
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PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 10 X 400m R60s (400/86s - no faster)

Hi 'TheEd'
I found this session this time round particularly tough and I strained my left calf. Its nothing major but is a bit sore. I completed the session regardless. i would have stopped if I felt I was doing more damage. Perhaps i did. Anyways I missed the EASY 40min session last night because of this. I decided to rest it.

I'm good to go out tonight for the [ EASY 30mins + 6 x 1min FAST / 1min SLOW / 1min RACE PACE F ] session.

Meanwhile I have data for the 10x400 R60 session attached :


Anything to advise then it would be great to get your feedback otherwise ill take on board what you have said and continue through the program. There is a race in May that i am very keen to break 38 mins on. On that course my PB is 39.29. Its quite a hilly XC and so my long runs at the weekend will involve hills. I'm not going to fool myself. To break 38mins on this course for me would be eye poppingly good for me and would actually involve my eyes popping out.

Speak soon
Ill report back tomorrow on the [ EASY 30mins + 6 x 1min FAST / 1min SLOW / 1min RACE PACE F ] session. im doing tonight.


BlakeRunner 18-03-2016 01:48 PM

Cycle 02: Day 17
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PROGRAM SCHEDULE: EASY 30mins + 6 x 1min FAST / 1min SLOW / 1min RACE PACE F

Hello and good day 'TheEd'

I'm almost at the end of CYCLE 02.

:mmm:Do you think I would benefit from doing the 4k time trial again at this point before rolling back through the program ?

Last night I did the 30mins + 18mins Fartlek. The calf made me aware there was a strain there but it wasnt a problem and I completed the session no problem.

...although I mixed up the fartlek part again and alternated: 1min SLOW / 1min FAST / 1min RACE (rather then the specified order of FAST / SLOW / RACE)

First I did the EASY 30 mins (which turned out at 26mins) and then followed this immediately with the Fartlek session.

Attached :

Ok so rest day today (DAY 18)

Tomorrow ( DAY 19 ) ill do the XC tempo run and see if I can beat my current time which i posted for DAY 12.

I hope you're well. Speak soon.


TheEd 22-03-2016 06:48 AM

How did things go?

4k time-trial for assessment. Testers from 5 to 8k

hope this makes sense


BlakeRunner 24-03-2016 11:06 AM

Hi there 'TheEd'

Thanks for your reply.
Just an update on the last few days.

My calf problem has not gone away but it has got progressively better so thats good. Because of that I have not done nay major sessions since DAY 17 - ( EASY 30mins + 6 x 1min FAST / 1min SLOW / 1min RACE PACE F )

DAY 18 (FRI)

DAY 19 (SAT) - Nothing
I did not get a chance to get out and run.

DAY 20 (SUN)
XC Hills - This was more to do with strengthening my calf. It helped.

DAY 21 (MON)
EASY 30 mins


I havnt started the cycle again really. I was wandering if to do the 400m time trial as I havnt felt my best because of the calf.


EASY 30 mins
If I was following the cycle exactly this should have been a 60-70 min session but I didnt feel I was up for it.

EASY 30 mins

What to do ? This should be the 2k interval session.
From what I understand of your last reply. I think I should do a 4k time trial or a distance up to 8k ?

Preferably i would like to do just 30mins tonight and rather than rest tomorrow I can either do the 2k session or time trial. I have the day off tomorrow because it's 'Good Friday' so have an opportunity to get onto a 2k straight, flat hard gravel track.

What do you think ?

By the way do you think cycling every day (10miles total) has any bearing ones ability to perform in the sessions ? I am not sure. I dont think it does but my legs have felt pretty heavy last few runs and im unsure if its from the calf or just the cycling and running taking its toll.

Speak soon - have a nice easter

TheEd 29-03-2016 05:55 AM

Gaz, best you do not do any sprinting and trying to get the calf muscle sorted, as it can lead to other problems

keep us informed


BlakeRunner 29-03-2016 02:22 PM

CYCLE 03 - Time Trial
2 Attachment(s)
Hey 'TheEd'

I hope all is good with you. Thanks for your concerns.

The calf is fine. :) We've just had a bank holiday easter weekend over in England and so Saturday (26th March) I was able to take part in a local Park Run. Since I had more time to do things this weekend and space to do a quick run Saturday a.m

The calf didnt complain one bit. Since the end of cycle 02 of the program I have been strengthening it up with some XC hill work and run every other day moderate pace to enable recovery. Anyhow it worked and so I did the Park Run with no trouble. Not a pb for the Park Run but it was not bad.

Result and pace attached.


I was glad to finish. It was not comfortable at all. I mean it never is but I would add that I struggled. Effort 5. Still enjoyable of course, I forgot how much I enjoy Park Run.

So I have not started another cycle of the program. Im planning to begin again tonight and so an EASY 60 minutes. This will be the 3rd time going through the program.

Take care and speak soon

BlakeRunner 30-03-2016 01:21 PM

Cycle 03: Day 01
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Hello and good afternoon 'TheEd'

I’ve started CYCLE 03 of the program. (going through the program for the 3rd time)

Last night I did the EASY 60mins session although this turned out at 55 mins. It was the same route as before but I guess just not as much traffic stopping.


EASY 30 tonight and then the. . . dun! dun! dar!!!! . . .

...2K session - can’t wait :yikes:

I hope you're well. Speak soon.

On another note.

On the physics side of things and specifically referring to the faster paced sessions. Do you know if it is the staying in a HR zone that benefits you on the sessions or teaching the legs to go round quicker ? I have found that trying to get the legs to go round quicker despite whatever fitness you have is something you need to train for aswell. For instance I was looking at the pace you need to be able to get to (put your cup of tea down) achieve a 4min mile. It was just out of interest (before you laugh). And I could not get to the pace for more than a few second bursts even down a hill going as fast as I could. it is something i try and get to each time I get to the end of a hill session i do. Just as an experiment.

What im trying to establish is the core component of training. I guess its everything. You can say its the combination of this and that and sleep etc... but im wandering if in the faster paced sessions is it keeping the HR at an uncomfortable rate or is it pushing the legs beyond their comfort zone ? is the HR just a consequence of pushing yourself ? if I keep the HR above a certain level will I get quicker ?


BlakeRunner 01-04-2016 01:42 PM

Cycle 03: Day 3
2 Attachment(s)
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 5 X 2000m R90s (7.50 / 3.55km) T

Hi there The 'Ed'

Last night I completed the 5 x 2000 ®90s.

I'm rating this session as a 5 in effort and I think I looked at pace once on the watch and also I think the pace times are better for it.

I felt weak but optimistic.


I felt totally battered at the end and I had lactic build up after the first interval of 2000. I ran home tired but still able and no pains etc...

Heart Rate bombed out here and there annoyingly.

By the way are these attachments actually helpful ? if not then do you have a preference of how data is presented ?
Should have asked that ages ago but there you go.

Alright speak soon and have a nice weekend.

TheEd 02-04-2016 05:55 AM

Thanks for the feedback. We have already established that the most important days are from Day 3 to Day 8

once the body has absorbed that training, other aspects of pace and development become more important

the 2k session is a 'speed endurance' session, the intent is for you to be able to maintain the necessary speed in a race

the 1k session is 5k pace development and allows for your fastest 1k at the start and end of a 10k event

the aerobic runs long-term assist greatly in recovery which allows the runner to take on a higher workload.

paced runs are aimed at developing at a higher aerobic level, and truly only kick in once the athlete has developed on a few cycles

there is very much more to the programs that takes place as the athlete develops, and we try to recommend adapting to day 3 to day 8 fully before focusing on other aspects

I am hoping this makes sense, you have achieved the sub 19 5k time, that time would be an aim for a future 5k paced run, so that your 10k time is on a level par

please ask more questions

ps. thanks for the donation.

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