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TheEd 02-04-2016 06:02 AM

The images are helpful and particularly in this case. In truth, I would have been more happy if you had done your fastest 2k's as the last 2 x 2k

a major aspect of this session is learning pace judgement

here is another article to look at, just in case you have not done so already:

Race Your Best 10k


on we go



Originally Posted by BlakeRunner (Post 22168)
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 5 X 2000m R90s (7.50 / 3.55km) T

Hi there The 'Ed'

Last night I completed the 5 x 2000 ®90s.

I'm rating this session as a 5 in effort and I think I looked at pace once on the watch and also I think the pace times are better for it.

By the way are these attachments actually helpful ? if not then do you have a preference of how data is presented ?
Should have asked that ages ago but there you go.

Alright speak soon and have a nice weekend.

BlakeRunner 06-04-2016 03:03 PM

Cycle 03: Day 08
2 Attachment(s)
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 6 X 1000m R60s (3.45 - 3.50km)

Hi there The 'Ed'

Last night I completed the 6 x 1000 ®60s.

I'm rating this session as a 5 in effort. I found it tough and was glad to finish and get home. The sessions are certainly not getting any easier. Seems to me anyway.

By the way I did not look at pace during the runs. Instead I focused on a pace I could do a 1km run x6. I like the fact that I hit 3.45 for the 1st x3 km but this obviously took its toll and I had to settle for almost 4 mins per k for the next x2. The last one I put in whatever I had left.


I was a tad wiped out at the end but could still maintain an easy pace run home

I have read the article you recommended and believe I understand it. It makes sense.


BlakeRunner 13-04-2016 12:58 PM

Cycle 03: Day 15
2 Attachment(s)
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 10 X 400m - R60s

Good day Ed

Well the sessions soon come round dont they.

Stats attached.

I'm rating this session as a 5 in effort. I found it tough but also felt I could have ran an easy 20 - 30 mins after if I had to. I did run an easy 10mins for recovery, stretching off and stuff as I do normally after these sessions. But im talking stop - starts here and there to stretch etc...

I have attached a comparison of all x3 stat tables for this session, from when I started the prog through til now. I guess I see some slght progress although that is arguable looking at these tables. I would say yesterday felt easier than the previous session (this same session) but that might be my imagination.

If the age is not legible ill just post up the latest (file size limits).


Any thoughts let me know.

The 10k race I desperately wanted to do in June - the race ive been training for - my all time favourite 10k XC course, is not going to happen sadly. I'm going to be out of the country and guess what...

...im doing a half instead. Not my fave distance but since ill be on holiday in that country (in the same town) anyways I thought I'd do it.

I guess I need to be looking at a different program ?


BlakeRunner 15-04-2016 02:51 PM

Cycle 03: Day 16
2 Attachment(s)

Hello ‘TheEd’

EASY 40 stats attached.
I found the session hard. I didnt really want to run today and I could have ran easier but just let my legs run with habbit if that makes sense. I was more hot and hungry than anything else. Couldn’t wait to get home but tried not to think about it.


Its a visual gauge anyways on how I’m tackling my runs.


BlakeRunner 15-04-2016 03:01 PM

Cycle 03: Day 17
2 Attachment(s)
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: EASY 30mins + 6 x 1min FAST / 1min SLOW / 1min RACE PACE F

Hello 'TheEd'

I got the order of the Fartlek (FAST / SLOW / RACE) correct today (last night).

Also a tough run. During and after the 30mins I didnt feel like doing the 18mins Fartlek so wasnt looking foward to it.
Also realised that you go - FAST / SLOW / RACE - FAST / SLOW / RACE... so going from RACE to FAST is a hard 2mins and the SLOW mins are much needed for recovery. I tried hard.




Ill report back after the weekend. Hopefully get some XC hiils in but keen to pursue longer runs with the Half in mind for June.

I hope you're well. Speak soon.

TheEd 18-04-2016 07:01 AM

Gaz, you do realise the session is 1 minute fast then 1 minute slow times 6 in total

the session of 1 minute fast is at anticipated race pace, and is meant to be an easy session in total, whereby you feel like racing on the weekend

it is in no way a 'grueling' session


BlakeRunner 26-04-2016 04:35 PM

Race coming up
Hi 'The Ed'

Well I succumbed to a stomach bug the last (best part of) last week. I was well enough to run at the weekend just gone and with the half marathon in mind which Im doing on 4th June I went out for a long run. Almost 16k and I felt comfortable at a moderate pace. I can post up the data readings if you would like to see them.

Other than that there is a 10k race coming up - Mon 2nd May. With that in mind what do you recommend doing for the remainder of the week ? I know that it is the whole program that builds you up for race day and as it happens im about to start cycle 4 of the program so am just starting the cycle again.

I am going by the program until you say otherwise - so today is Tuesday - Day 1 and its an easy 60 - 70 mins.

Should I run Friday aswell and rest Saturday ? rather than rest on Friday ?

Speak soon

P.S I like doing the 18mins of Fartlek and so would you highly oppose that if im not racing that weekend ?

TheEd 27-04-2016 07:11 AM

you can race Monday, and simply do the run down to the race as normal

the 6 x 1 minute fast / slow is only 12 minutes of running

that is the routine before the event

enjoy and good luck

ps.. you can include the image of the longrun workout if you want

BlakeRunner 20-05-2016 01:57 PM

Cycle 05: Day 3
1 Attachment(s)
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 5 X 2000m R90s (7.50 / 3.55km) T

Hi The 'Ed' - I hope you are well and good.

I'm attaching the last x3 - DAY 03 (x5, 2000m ®90) stats.

Yesterdays run was probably my best yet in terms of consistency and accuracy of pace for all x5 intervals which is great i think.

I went and dont another Park Run too and although I didnt PB, I managed 18.27 which is only 11 seconds off my PB so Im optimistic about improvements.

I havrnt missed any days really other than the week I got the tummy bug and there have been the odd Tuesday DAY 01 (EASY 30mins) which I have missed occasionally though only because ive been doing longer runs between 18 - 19k.

Thats because of the half marathon coming up. The 10k I spoke of last time I posted didnt happen. Or lets say I didnt happen because I thought I could pay on the day but it got sold out and you couldnt pay on the day. I was surprised.


During the intervals I felt like 90secs was a bit long and so if you think it wise I'm going to take the rest down to 70 on the next run of x5 - 2000.

Do you think I should do another 4k trial at this point ? although Ive already began the program cycle for the 5th time now.

Alright speak soon and have a nice weekend.

TheEd 23-05-2016 07:34 AM

Hi Gaz, look to do a 5k Park Run at the end of this cycle

consistency will reap rewards

maybe consider a short off-period followed by a 2 week build-up, before going onto the cycles again, unless there are a few races coming up


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