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BlakeRunner 10-06-2016 02:31 PM

Cycle 05: Day 8
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Hi The 'Ed'

I'm attaching the last x2 - DAY 08 (x6, 1000m ®60) stats.

I'm starting to see improvements in the interval sessions and also dont feel so demotivated by longer distances. Especially since doing the 'half' last week but ill post up about that later.


The list lacks HR as it would only list the HR as an average including the rest periods so I didnt feel it would give any clear indication of performance. Let me know if to include it.


I have included the general HR graphs for both sessions instead but im not sure if this is helpful at all. I will say that (if you look carefully) there is a line that points to a particular area in the session and it states the specific pace and GR at that point. I thought this could be used as a gauge.

Anyways cheers speak soon


BlakeRunner 10-06-2016 02:43 PM

Cycle 05: Day 15
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Cycle 05: Day 15


Hi The 'Ed'

Here are stats for the latest 400m sessions, the last x2 - DAY 15 (x10, 400m ®60) stats.


Compared to the 2000 session this I have to say is probably my favourite and the 2000 my least.

Alright speak soon


BlakeRunner 10-06-2016 03:08 PM

Half Marathon
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Hi The 'Ed'

In the half marathon race on the 4th June I got the following time:

CHIP TIME: 01:30:06


START: 00:01:45
KM 5: 00:23:21
KM 10: 00:44:45
KM 15: 01:05:53
FINISH: 01:31:50

I’m 95% happy on how I managed my pace. I think I could have gone faster to begin with and not been too affected towards the end but I imagine everyone says something like that. The fact is I didnt. I do want to race this again as it was fantastic.
I was a bit frustrated to begin with as for some reason I was put at the back in group G with the 2Hour+ guys. So I am unsure if I would have got a better time if I wasn’t held back in the first 2k or so trying not to waste energy weaving in and out of people. This all said. I got a stitch at about 18km and had to shove that out of my mind as best i could. I also started to feel the strain at this point and slowed down but tried my best to speed up. It was tough but amazing.

The winning time was Barselius KIPYEGO (KEN) in 01:00:30


Speak soon

TheEd 15-06-2016 10:12 AM

Gaz, this is pretty good going, sadly with the 21k race, it is normally around 18k that most runners begin to feel it

is the blue heart rate graph your HR, as it had quite a spike, was there a hill or is that when you got a stitch? Was this after a water point?


BlakeRunner 15-06-2016 01:10 PM

Hi Ed

Yes it is quite a spike isnt it. If that was my heart I would be going to see the Dr right now but do not worry since the blue line is pace and I thank you for your concern (at least I sensed it was a concern). It is likely I had to run around a group of other runners at that point and for some reason way out of pace. Probably it was (if I remember) just a bit crowded at that point and I wanted out the way.

As you suggested a little while ago I have come out of the program and am doing the 'Off Training Period' as coming out of the half I felt Jaded the next few days and thought about your suggestion of doing the 'off training period' and 'build up'. So I let x3 days pass without doing any running and then went out and have been going out every 2nd day on a 60min easy run. I can see that this differs to the specific 'Off Training period' program you provide and so I hope there wont be a forthcoming consequence like the program wont work as well as it should ?

Already though I feel like I want to go out and do some serious hill runs and tempo runs and interval runs because I feel better that way. Just doing the 'off training makes me feel more jaded perhaps anxious. i think I will enjoy the build-up program as it involves a lot of what I was doing before I found your site.

What do you think ? just go into the build up and then back into program ? No 10ks coming up. 5K park run maybe an option.

I think 3week build up and then a 4k time trial and then back into program ?

TheEd 16-06-2016 08:29 AM

the off training is specific to recovery and is aimed at providing a chance for the body to recover as well as mentally

on the build-up, you start working on a little more aerobic which develops you progressively for when you go back onto the 10k training programs

when you first start out doing the 2k session, you will struggle, but this is normal, towards the end of the first cycle you should go onto a new level. Your sessions may not be as quick, however you should find that you can hold pace for longer

the intention would be to maintain the 1hr runs on the 10k program where you can. So we need to chat when you get back to the 10k training, as to how to increase the 30 to 40 minute easy runs to 1hr

keep asking questions and sharing



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