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Want to do new 10K PB - astrange - 01-06-2011

After a few days of easy running I had to skip the 6x1 intervals yesterday due to family related matters. I went out this morning to do them, after having had too little sleep. This was probably not such a good idea.

To add to the problems my pulse belt was out of battery, so only the times have been recorded.

Aiming for 4:10 - 4:20

L1: 4:11
L2: 4:04
L3: 4:16
L4: 4:20
L5: 4:21
L6: 4:21

The last three laps felt very hard and due to lack of sleep i did not really feel motivated. The pacing was poor so I guess that I will have to work on this.

There is a 10K race comming up on the 6th, that I would like to do (with good sleep in the comming days) Any chance that this race could fit into the current program? - or should I just keep on training towards the next race in July.


Want to do new 10K PB - TheEd - 02-06-2011

running the 10k race can easily work, simply move to week 3 and then take the 6th as race day and work backwards in the program



Fartlek 6 x 1 min fast / slow

figure out what to do before those last 3 days