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Going for sub40 - TheEd - 31-10-2008

That's fine if the race is on the Sunday as we can change the final few days around however with the program the bulk of the training is within a 10 day period starting from the 2000's

then it is a light rolling preparation to race day and then recovery after event and then the starting of the cycle

after 3 to 4 such cycles (max 6) it is recommended to change format so as to avoid staleness

hope this isn't too much data overload

Enjoy Tuesday's 1000's


Going for sub40 - danielpepe - 05-11-2008

Hi TheEd,
here are the results of today's session. It should have been 6x1K @ 4:05 or 4:10 with 1 min recover®. Here are the results
Time Average HR
4:04 157
1:00 155®
4:05 150
1:00 155®
4:06 152
1:00 161®
4:06 148
1:00 169®
4:06 143
1:00 162®
4:03 155
1:00 167®

General feeling was good. Much better than I anticipated based on last week 2k session.
Tomorrow resting ,cause of travelling.
Friday 60 min Easy run and then on sunday I will go for the 5K in less than 21 min or so.

How does it look to you?

Thanks again.

Going for sub40 - TheEd - 05-11-2008

The 1000's will always feel easier after the 2k session

you certainly coming along nicely

I do believe you would have coped with 4 minutes pr k for that session

Nice going and take care


Going for sub40 - danielpepe - 10-11-2008

Hello TheEd,
here is the outcome of yesterday 5K under 21 min.
I decide to join a race of 5,4K, since it was pretty close to my session.
I have to say, I had an awful night (party going on downstairs until 3:30 AM!)
Slept around 5 hours only therefore my HR is really high.
The race was 2,5 going up hill and rest going downhill.
Km - Time - Aver HR
1 - 4:01 - 173
2 - 4:12 - 178
3 - 4:25 - 179 (lost of people here. Hard to run)
4 - 3:51 - 179
5 - 3:54 - 180

Total for 5K = 20min 25 sec.
End race 5,4K in 21:51.

General impressions are good. Looking forward this coming sunday.

Thanks again.

Going for sub40 - TheEd - 10-11-2008

Hi daniel

good to hear you are happy with the session (5k)

Certainly worth looking forward to next week's race and hopefully your sleep pattern before the race is better Smile

or else make sure you get an invitation to the next party

Big Grin


Going for sub40 - danielpepe - 17-11-2008

Hi TheEd,
I got a new PB yesterday!!!! Thank you very much.
It was a flat race of two laps of 5K. Problem is the measure of those 5Km.
On my Forerunner it said 4.79 1st lap & 4.82 on the 2nd.
1st lap 19:04
2nd lap 19:10
Total of 38:15 on a distance of 9.60. Keeping same pace and adding 400mts to time it should be something like 39:45.
It is a shame not having official time for this race.
During the race, I felt really good & general feeling afterwards is good.
The question to you is, since next 10K is going to be in 5 weeks.
Do you think I should aim for sub38? :jester:
or better stick to sub40 planning?

Thanks again.

Going for sub40 - TheEd - 17-11-2008

Congrats Daniel

it must certainly be a nice feeling

stick to the sub 40 schedule and we change the pace slightly, speed it up by only 5 seconds per k in comparison to what you were training at before

so run the 2000's at 5 seconds faster than previously

Congrats again


Going for sub40 - danielpepe - 03-12-2008

Hello again TheEd,
I am back to give another try for your 3 weeks program. Aiming to go for sub 40 in a race in 3 weeks.
I got injured last week in the abductor. Minor one. I am back on track since Monday. Recover is going well.
I will try tomorrow to start 5x2000 but instead of 3:55 per Km I will go for 4:05 to be on the safe site.
I will keep you posted of the results.


Going for sub40 - TheEd - 04-12-2008

Hi Daniel

be very aware that you don't further irritate the niggle

wise to back off the pace

Keep us informed