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sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 04-06-2009

Managed the first 3 sets as you suggested. :whistle:
4th set started at 4.00 pace and came in slighty over at 8.30secs
5th set started at 3.55 pace couldn't hold it all the way and finished in 8.35secs.
Not too bad. No hr stats i'm afraid but what do u reckon Ed? :confused:

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 04-06-2009

what do I reckon?

good to have you back robbie

Big Grin



sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 05-06-2009

It's good to be back! Thanks Ed.... Smile
I was wondering if i'm not due to race anytime soon could i work out a program thats more geared towards overall improvement towards the 10k than getting ready for a 10k race day.

I was thinking of a 2 week cycle and on week 1 that included the 2000sets and week 2 the 1000sets.

What do you reckon Ed? :confused:

Ps enjoying my rest day :whistle:

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 08-06-2009

So i'll take it from the no response to my last post that your bored of people suggesting different variations on the schedule Ed. Didn't mean to offend Smile

Managed the long slow run did around 13k keeping mhr around 130. I was on the road for a change which was nice :-)
Instead of the easy 30mins spent yesterday walking round the local country park with the family.
10 k easy today Smile

What sort of pace do u think we'll be good for the 1000sets first time round Ed? :confused:

Cheers Me

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 08-06-2009

ooops sorry Robbie .. Blame it on the Rain

when developing athletes on a normal level of coaching, we discuss which races will take place and draw up a schedule accordingly to achieve

this is developed specifically to an end goal

with the 10k schedules and the feedback here, we have tried to provide coaching on the internet which is at an extremely high level

so over to you

when do you want to race - how many weeks away and what goals are they short-term - long-term etc

Hope that helps


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 08-06-2009

No worries Ed Smile

I guess my main aim is to compete to the best of my ability at my local 10k at the beginning of November (22 weeks away).
My short/long term goals all are based around this local race.

I have other 10k race dates that I can attend being the 27/9 and or 4/10 to see how i'm progressing but am not fussed about these.

So back to you Ed. Last year's official time was 43.37. Can you help me smash that time please?:mmm::mmm:

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 08-06-2009

robbie consistency is the secret to this program

do 3 cycles and in-between find 2 races and then the results will come


start with the 10k Training Build-up period

What say you?


[please note to those reading this thread, the build-up is only for those who have already been training on the 10k Training Programs and should not be used as a starting point without having previous experience on our programs]

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 08-06-2009

This may seem strange but i think i'd miss the 2000 and 1000 sets if i switched to the 10k training build up period.
I'm going to take option one. Stick with what i'm doing and be super consistent with the program as suggested.

It's those 2000 and 1000 sets which seem to do it for me, i kinda wanted to do more of them to improve quicker but i'll get back in my pram.... Smile

Cheers Ed. Off to the gym now....

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 08-06-2009

Yes Robbie .. it certainly is the 2000's and 1000's that do it, however from the build up you achieve an aerobic base to build on and the adaptation to the quality sessions is so much quicker and seeing that your goal is late in the year you would not be faulted considering the build up

and it may get you to being consistent as well

Hope that helps


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 08-06-2009

10k in about 54mins30.
Kept pace @ 5.27pk
Mhr started at 125 and built slowly upto 140 Smile