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sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 07-01-2009

Hi ,

I did 30 mins easy tonight. Felt a bit rough avg hr 133. Distance was 6k.
Will see how things shape up for tomorrows 5 x 2k sets at 4min. ek!

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 08-01-2009

Robbie not sure whether it is truly a good idea to do the 2000's as that is quite a session

rather fill in the runs at the moment with 30 to 60 minutes easy

you can always do the 2000's on Saturday and get back into routine next week?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 08-01-2009

Ok - i'll do that then. You are right - i am keen to progress long term and not to destroy all the good work i've done to date. I also thought that the 2k sets would have pushed me too hard. I think i need somebody else to confirm whats best which is why i'm glad for your support.


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 09-01-2009


Yesterday did 10.5k in the gym 60mins avg hr 129
Went out on the road this evening circuit included a hill which was climbed 3 times. 6k 30mins avg hr 143.

So it's the 2k sets tomorrow... Not feelin 100% but feel ok when running.


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 09-01-2009

looking at some other posts i see that the gym runs seem to yeild better results than the road. What should i set the incline to to make the gym runs similar to the road....or shall i just keep running flat?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 10-01-2009

rob if your pulse is elevated in the morning when you wake up then simply skip the session and start with the new cycle Tuesday with the 2000's then on Thursday

there is no rush here



sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 10-01-2009

bah - missed your last post. :-(
I went out and tried the 5 x 2k sets today and failed.
managed to do only 3 sets in the end and i missed the recording of the first :-(
I have a garmin 305 which from what i can see only shows avg and max hr. Do u know how to find out the lowest hr per lap on the 305?

set1 2k 8.00 avg hr max hr
R90 avg hr 140 max hr 167
set2 2k 8.00 avg hr 166 max hr 178
r90 avg hr 153 max hr 178
set3 2k 8.00 avg hr 170 max hr 179
r90 avg hr 154 max hr 176

so all in all a bad day, probally my worst effort so far. I am still ill and looks like the running is suffering as a result. I was sweating like a monster in the gym lol!
So should i find out my resting heart rate first thing in the morning. I bet it's elevated actually.... my chest feels a bit weak when exposed to the cold weather if that makes sense?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 11-01-2009

Rob .. you need to take a few days off and give your body a chance to recover

the sooner you nip this in the bud the better

Realise you are a different runner now with routine and direction and you will be able to pick up very easily, so don't create negative thoughts as all is not lost

enjoy the break, there are many cycles to running

Cheers and chin up


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 12-01-2009

not been running yesterday/today - trying to rest up. Cold is on its way out i think. Resting hr yesterday evening was about 75. Just checked it now sitting on the couch and it's down to 48. ekk am i alive??

So feeling a little better might rest up tomorrow also. Shall i then just kick off the sub 40 plan from scratch again? what time shall i attempt for the 2k 1k sets?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 12-01-2009

If you think too far ahead you will only put stress on yourself

so switch off drink lots of hearty soup and water

and enjoy

once there are no sniffles et al then we can discuss moving forward

patience is the game to win here