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sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 17-11-2009

did the shoes you wore for the training feel tight on the day, did you maybe wear a thicker sock than normal?

difficult to know what's what without a little more info

How is the toe today?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 17-11-2009

Its not too bad actually so i'll go easy and look for a pattern to see if i can work out why it was hurting.

Managed today on the treadmill to do 3x1k at 3.35pk with 2-3mins rest in between.

Big Grin

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 18-11-2009

Ed i have just thought of a major flaw in my training.
Because i do all my speed work on the treadmill i don't really know what it's like to be out on the road for example running 2k at 3.55pk.

With the lack of time left before sundays race is there anything i can do about this or shall i continue with the programme as stated.


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 18-11-2009

robbie are you opening that can of doubt worms Wink


continue as normal you will be fine


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 23-11-2009

Hi Ed,
I didn't race on Sunday because the weather was bad building up to the race and i doubted that i'd be able to go sub 40.
So i did an attempt on the treadmill instead.
Treadmill PB 39min52 secs.
I ran at 4.00pk for 9k then ran a little faster for the last k.
So it wasn't done on the road but i went sub 40 finally Confusedurf:

So a big thanks for all your support and encouragement.

I plan to hang up the running shoes for a while now and enjoy xmas.

i'll keep doing a few easy runs per week but the quality runs will be shelved til next year.

Again thanks

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 23-11-2009

good news Rob Wink

now we can focus on the enjoyment of running and the challenges that brings

Big Grin

so what's next


and may I say, congrats on the PB


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 04-01-2010

Happy New Year Ed Smile

I've been keeping up with 3 or 4 light runs each week as i couldn't give up on my running totally Smile

So am thinking of gradually building things back up and avoiding any injury.
Although Christmas was a time for eating vast amounts of food i seem to have stayed around the 12stone mark so am not that far out of shape.

I want to avoid injury but ramp up things quite quickly.

Shall i jump on the treadmill and carry out a 4k timetrial?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 05-01-2010

Happy New Year Rob

sounds like a plan .. will await your 4km tt feedback

onwards and forwards


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 07-01-2010

4th easy 30mins outside
5th 4k on the treadmill with grand ideas!, managed...
1k 3.45 ahr152 mhr171
2k 3.45 ahr173 mhr176
3k 3.45 ahr177 mhr179
4k 4.25 ahr ? mhr 180

I messed up recording the last k as i forgot to stop the watch. I got to 3k running at 3.45pace slowed for about 200m then built the speed back up to 3.45 til the end. Prob made the 4k under 16mins ok in the end.

Last night went outside for an easy 5k.

So don't know what to make of this. Slower than i used to be as expected!

What do u reckon Ed?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 08-01-2010

actually not bad at all

care to start on the sub 40 minute 10km program and add 5 seconds per km to the 2km times for the first cycle?

your thoughts