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sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 03-02-2009

Skipped my 30mins easy yesterday due to weather conditions.

Starting on Day 01 again today - hoping to knock out 70 mins below ahr of 135 Smile

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 03-02-2009

Enjoy the snow


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 03-02-2009

Treadmill = no snow Smile

70mins 12.3k ahr 135 mhr 145

Had to drop/raise the pace to keep the ahr down to 135.

4.05/8.10s still my target for thurs?

Cheers Ed.


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 03-02-2009

same target as before and certainly a better result




sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 04-02-2009

ok - good news and bad news here.

I think skipping my 30mins easy run may have been a bad idea earlier in the week.

After my 70mins yesterday running at quite a slow pace ahr 135 i kinda had a bit of an ache in my right hamstring.
I performed my usual cooldown and strecthing exercises as always.
So off i went home from the gym thinking that a goods night sleep and all would be well.

Woke this morning and could still feel it :mad: rested up again all day and in denial a little went to the gym for Day 02 easy 30min.
Warmed up/stretched a bit more than usual and started off at quite a slow pace similar to the long run pace. I don't think my body likes this slower pace and it didn't feel natural so i increased the pace after the first 1k and the pain went away in my legSmile. I continually increased the pace and felt comfortable for the entire run.Smile

30mins 5.97k ahr 139 mhr 158
1k 5.54min ahr 115 mhr 126
2k 5.00min ahr 135 mhr 140
3k 4.59min ahr 140 mhr 145
4k 4.48min ahr 144 mhr 149
5k 4.47min ahr 151 mhr 154
5.97k 4.31min ahr 155 mhr 158

After cooldown and stretching pain is still there but i feel like it will shift with a goods night sleep.
So i'm not making excuses here but shall i swap the schedule around a bit and avoid the 2000's tomorrow?
I can walk about fine etc but keen to not aggravate things?

Over to you coach Sad

help :duh:

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 04-02-2009

Heck this snow lark is really having its affects or its just simply old age getting in early

please read this section to see if you can pinpoint anything - Hamstring injuries

however I do believe it may have resulted from running on the treadmill, some runners can and some don't go too well

and yes, skip tomorrow's session and we see if we can slot it in Friday or Saturday

please keep me informed


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 05-02-2009

I feel better but not 100% this morning. I'm sure i'll be good to go for the 2000's tomorrow. So today i'll just rest up.

I did read through the various sections and will keep to RICE for now.

I may need a new pair of trainers soon as i have done quite alot of mileage on these ones. Do u need to replace trainers as frequently if most of your mileage is on a treadmill? Less impact shoes may last longer? :-)

Btw all my running recently has been on a treadmill but u r right about my age i guess!

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 05-02-2009

Its a good idea to have two pairs of reliable trainers so you can alternate the shoes allowing the shoes to recover from day to day

Hope that helps


ps.. till the morrow and I hope everything is better, maybe better for session on Saturday even

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 06-02-2009

48.24secs 5 x 2000 inc R90's ahr154 mhr172 :whistle:
40.47secs without R90's:whistle:

set1 8.10s ahr147 mhr162
set2 8.09s ahr154 mhr164
set3 8.09s ahr158 mhr169
set4 8.09s ahr163 mhr172
set5 8.08s ahr163 mhr172

I did it ! whoop whoop:whistle:

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 06-02-2009

First off, how are your legs, please?

and then

what a solid and superb session in comparison to the last attempt

this surely must give significant confidence?