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sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 27-04-2009

Yeah, quite well thanks.
Had a bit of a flat patch last week, just felt a bit flat mentally, but the race on the weekend got me back into the right place i think.

2k's coming up on Thursday, what sort of target times should I aim for?



sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 27-04-2009

Keep the targets the same as before

and will you continue to run in Lane 2 Wink



sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 28-04-2009

Yeah, lane 2 it will be!
So last time I averaged 7.39 per 2k, aim for about the same as that?


sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 28-04-2009

yes .. keep them the same

the body begins to gain training from the various other sessions and once we increase the pace we look to have the body ready for the step up

planned development = planned results


sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 30-04-2009


Quite a solid session tonight, wasn't feeling great before-hand, a little tired and flat, but ran it out pretty well.
Legs got tired early aswell, which didn't help mentally!
But averaged about 1sec faster per 2k than last time, so pretty satisfied.


ave: 7.37.9



sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 30-04-2009

the toughness of that 4k race could have affected your legs, so please monitor your recovery and try to get an early night to assist with the process, if possible, please

nice going

ps.. one of the big dangers of running is training too hard on tired legs

sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 30-04-2009

Ok, yeah that makes sense about the tired legs, I hadn't thought much into that.
An early night it will be, and I'm certainly going to enjoy the day off tomorrow!



Oh, I was wondering how often I should be stretching?

sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 17-05-2009


It's been a while since I've posted on here, sorry. Been very busy with uni.

Had an 11k race this morning, finished in 42.29 which I was pretty happy with, the goal being sub 43.
The course was relatively flat with 3 or 4 hills.
How does this time look in the scheme of things?



sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 17-05-2009

Hi Joey, was that goal achieved for the 11km?

somehow I missed your earlier ask about stretching. Stretching is entirely up to the athlete and depends on the benefits they receive from stretching

the Stretching Routines we have are very basic but also beneficial

to slot in stretching into your routine could be beneficial


sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 20-05-2009


Yes, the goal was achieved, as I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to crack 43, but obviously running 42.29 I was pretty satisfied!

Where to go from here, continue on the same program?

I have been invited by another training group to do some track sessions, and I think these could be beneficial because most of the guys are of a higher level than myself, and I feel it would be really good to run with other people, instead of just myself!

Suggestins, TheEd?