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Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 18-04-2009

Thanks for all the advice.

I skipped todays race and may rest tomorrow as well. Foot is improving so tomorrow may happen yet but I want to make sure I am at the line on May 2nd so I am being sensible.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 18-04-2009

keep us informed and hopefully things get better shortly


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 20-04-2009

My foot is feeling a good bit better now and I am thinking about 30 mins easy tonight on grass. If things don't work out I will just stop and go for a cycle.

Thinking about a physio visit if the run does not work out although there is no tenderness on my foot to point too.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 20-04-2009

if there was inflamation it should have subsided after 3 days

keep us informed and then we can look further into things

did you dig your old innersole out the bin Wink


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 20-04-2009

Yes, the old insole is in the new shoes Smile

Unfortunately my foot was still annoying me today when I tried an easy run. Seem to be on the push off when the toes are fully bent. No tenderness to touch in the foot area. I am icing it tonight and seeing how that goes. I did a 12k cycle instead.

Could I replace running with cycling until the weekend in order to see if my foot will recover if no change by Wed I will go to my physio.

I can only do Gym tomorrow for 40 mins, Wednesday I have all evening and Thursday again 40mins indoors. Could you suggest some bike sessions that might benefit my training and let me maintain the work done? :mmm:

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 21-04-2009

do the cycling and I shall look further into the treatment of the area

to hazard a guess, it sounds somewhat like Neuroma (time for another article) however as I can't analyse it in person it is tough to call


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 21-04-2009

That makes sense alright. Had a little look around with our friend called 'Google'. Going to go to the Physio today for a professional opinion. No exterior tenderness though. Hopefully a week and I will have recovered.

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 21-04-2009

30 mins on the bike at a testing effort but not too hard. No soreness in foot cycling just when I walk. Sad Going to the physio tonight for a professional opinion.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 21-04-2009

good luck B

please try recall full conversation Wink for feedback


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 22-04-2009

Well sir you were correct. Looks like I have the early stages of Mortons Neuroma. Most likely cause of this may been wearing my runners too tight as I dont have any issues with pronation etc. on that foot. I am going to rest up for 6-days and see the Physio on monday. In the meantime I have an exercise I can do to strengthen muscle in the top of my foot and he added a gel pad to my insole inorder to spread the bones in my feet a bit sio they dont irritate the swollen nerve. Plenty of icing as well. The worst case scenario he hoped would be 3 weeks but he feels mine is quite early stages and other patients he has seen would have hopped off the table when he squeezed their foot. I am going to continue the cycling as well.