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Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 30-03-2009

do the normal 3rd week routine

with Thursday becoming an easy 30 minutes and

Friday : 6x1min fast / slow session

Sat: Rest

Cheers and enjoy


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 01-04-2009

Date: 30-03-2009
Time: 30 mins
Distance: 4.4k
Avg HR: 140
Max HR: 151

Date: 31-03-2009
warm up ~ 2.25k in 15:33 with avg 141
3.43km in 17mins with avg 173 (3* 5 min @ 10k pace and 1 min easy.)
cool down ~ 2.25k in 15:06 with avg 152

TheEd, Can you tell me a little more about Fridays session. Is it 1 minute flat out or at 10k pace and what benefits does this session have?

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 01-04-2009

1 minute at 10k pace (normally the pace of the distance you will be racing and perceived effort) and never sprinting Wink

the session is a psychological session you should finish feeling the want to race



Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 02-04-2009

Date: 02-04-2009
Time: 39:57
Distance: 6.21k
Avg HR: 141
Max HR: 152

Date: 02-04-2009
Time: 30:02
Distance: 4.65k
Avg HR: 142
Max HR: 151

Note to self I think these are getting a lot better.

Question: for tomorrows session is a 2k warm up and cool down appopriate?

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 02-04-2009

yes that would be correct warm up and warm down



ps.. good to hear the sessions are feeling easier .. next level around the corner

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 03-04-2009

Date 03.04.2009

Session details:

Warm up 2k in 13:07 (avg hr 143)
6 * 1min fast/slow (2.06k) (avg 159)
Cool down 2k n 13:12 (avg hr 138)

rest up, sleep, eat and race on Sunday. :p

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 03-04-2009



Sub-45 Here I come. - karirush - 03-04-2009

I agree...
Very CONSISTENT session.
Luvin it!

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 06-04-2009

First of all just to say I am a very happy runner this morning. Yesterday I ran 10k in 47:30 and edge a lot closer to the magic 45 with this new personal best. The race itself is not renowned for fast times with congestion and hills but I fought my way through it to make sure I got a PB after the disappointment a few weeks ago. yessss.

I will be on again later to discuss my planned races for April/May. But I am really looking forward to some hard work and nailing this goal.

No data as I wore a basic stop watch which I preferred. I know I was around 23:15 mins for 5k and that I had nothing left for my planned quick last km.

Onwards and upwards. Smile

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 06-04-2009

Congrats B

chat later