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Sub 35 - TheEd - 26-07-2012

a rough estimate, around 59 to 61 for the VO2

will be interesting to see the data


Sub 35 - jamieh - 26-07-2012

So at threshold (158bpm) according to today's tests my VO2 is 70.5 ml/mn/kg.

I tapped out at 162bpm with VO2 at 75ish... although the team weren't sure this was accurate due to the nature of the test (which only went up to 16k/h on the treadmill & then increased gradient gradually up to 10%... not something I've practiced). I also felt v tired at start of test...

162 seems v. Low. Although looking back at when I last wore a monitor for 2ks the highest average was 162... so u never know.

HR zones seem accurate though, with 126, 142 and 158.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 27-07-2012

70 is a quality VO2 max reading .. what is your resting pulse and what was your weight at the time of the test?

here is an article related to VO2 max

The Great VO2 max Myth -


Sub 35 - jamieh - 27-07-2012

Resting pulse (lying down, in the morning) is currently between 39 and 42 beats/min. Weight at the time of test was 78.5kg.

Very interesting article indeed. This is very much the way I considered VO2, too. It's fun to know (and compare with elite's!) + will be interesting to get another test done in a few months and see if I can improve it.

What do you think about the low max HR? They were expecting me to get it up to 190+ but I was broken at 162. I think it's mainly down to being v. tired going into the test (lack of sleep) + I hated wearing the mask... it felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen in through those tubes - lungs were really straining.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 30-07-2012

One of the reasons I asked what your resting heart rate was, was due to the lower max HR ..

this is nothing to be concerned about. Coached an athlete who ran 28:43 for 10k on the road who never record a max hr out of the 160 range

he had a low resting pulse and his easy runs were a breeze at 120 bpm

you/we will learn more as you progress, the test is a simple marker .. though your high weight was interesting


Sub 35 - jamieh - 30-07-2012

Thanks, good to hear I'm not alone with the low HR. FYI yesterday evening my resting HR was a steady 36 (lowest I've ever recorded).

1:17:54 in the HM on Sunday.

Happy enough with the result considering it was a very tough course & I had my last shot of Jagermeister at about 1:30am (wedding) on Sat night Wink

I also strained my quad racing with kids around the garden on the Saturday. In all honesty it twinged with virtually every step of the HM (though not agonising). RICED it all day yesterday, it's tender today but walkable. Will take at least the next 2 days off running and continue the treatment.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 31-07-2012

nice result Jamie

would look to getting the quad sorted out and avoid cycling as well till decent recovery has taken place

fortunately swimming should be 'doable'

please provide feedback

ps.. are you sure your weight is as high as 78kg?

Sub 35 - jamieh - 31-07-2012

I went for a cycle last night (about 45mins easy spinning) and it was painless.. in fact walking was a lot more comfortable after the session so I think it might be ok?

Easy swim this morning. Pushing of the wall is painful (so I avoided). Just did lots of freestyle pull. Breaststroke kick was strangely painless and felt therapeutic so did lots of that too.

Generally feels a lot better today, 50% of yesterdays pain when I apply pressure.

Hoping to get out for a 2hr spin on bike tonight. What u think?

I was 77.5kg right after the HM & before lunch (I barely ate anything before the race). Generally I'm hovering between 77.5-78.5 at the moment. Would love to get a little lighter but I'm not sure it's feasible when I have to carry around these lats for swimming and quads for biking Sad

Sub 35 - TheEd - 01-08-2012

my interest in the weight is not related to you losing weight but monitoring performance associated to weight

the body will find the correct balance once you establish a consistent rhythm

hopefully this quadricep recovers on fine time

go well


Sub 35 - jamieh - 01-08-2012

Quad definitely on the mend today.

3hr super-steady ride yesterday + 30min ice-bath. Also just did a really easy 5k jog on treadmill (10k/h) with no discomfort. Will ice/stretch again tonight after swim.

Thinking about waiting until Friday to do the 2k's to give it an extra day healing. If not feeling 100% by then I'll do a build week and start 2k's next Thurs.