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Sub 35 - TheEd - 01-12-2012

good to hear you came out of it feeling positive

now to keep the balance, sensibly Wink

you have a decent engine and I have coached runners who ran 16:40 and easy sub 34 for 10k

more to come

balance being the keyword


Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-12-2012

Smile got it. Balance!

Any thought's on goal for 2k's on Thurs?

I was thinking of trying to keep them all under 6:50 (last cycle I did 6:51,48,51,53,49).


Sub 35 - TheEd - 03-12-2012

that sounds sensible Smile



Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-12-2012

5x2k, R90 (Track)



Weight: 78kg
weather: cold (2deg), light wind (6mph)

Absolutely cracking session today. Legs were feeling snappy & elastic from the start, shoulders loose. Was cruising through 1k at 3:17-18 and then relaxing into the 2nd k. Last one was tough but even found a sprint in final 200.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 06-12-2012

splendid Jamie .. do you have any heart rate data to go with this

makes nice reading


Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-12-2012

No HR data I'm afraid. Will throw a monitor on for the 1k's on Tues though if you like?

On feel I'd say I was getting into the high 150's on last 3 reps. Prob high 140's for the first 2.

Thanks as always,

Sub 35 - TheEd - 07-12-2012

great .. the 1k shall be fine however in the future, if I can get the 2k session that would be most helpful

ps.. remember to keep it balanced, don't now up the ante so that you fall short of your next race .. keep it simple

Sub 35 - jamieh - 11-12-2012

6x1k (R60), Track


Weight: 78kg
Weather: 3deg, light wind

Another 'fastest ever' session Big Grin. Definitely seem to have turned some kind of corner with this cycle!! Felt strong again throughout and was able to really relax after the first lap (consistently 1:14) & think about lengthening my stride and relaxing upper body.

I'm afraid I didn't wear a monitor (realised that would mean wearing two watches!) but I did take a manual reading after the last rep & it was definitely over 170...

15 days to go until the 10k on Wed 26th. I was planning on sticking to the programme up until the 6x1min fartlek session (which will be on Thu 20th), then rest Friday, easy run Sat, light 20min tempo Sun, repeat 6x1min fartlek Mon, rest Tues, race Wed. How does that sound?

Also any thoughts on pace for the 5k this Sat?


Sub 35 - TheEd - 11-12-2012

Jamie, this is what I am expecting of you Wink .. and the pulse also adds to what can come in the future

15 days from tomorrow .. so what we have here is someone who would like to also run a 5k PB, as they surely know it is there .. not so

however, you are finely tuned here and we have Xmas and lots of eating and fun to be had .. so I would like to make a suggestion, this is because I believe you will be running sub 16 for 5k within the next 6 months if you don't do anything silly ..

my suggestion: race the 5k this weekend and then we can take it from there

so a 6 x 1 min fast / slow session this Thursday would be in place

you have to write down everything about your weight, how you have got to where you are now and then to realise that you can get there in the future, even if the 10k on the 26th doesn't work out, though I do believe you will run a PB and if all had to go right you would be in the 33 range

So this Saturday, go out as you wish, do not bite off more than you can chew and if there is ice on the route etc, that you back off accordingly as not running a PB this Saturday does not mean it will not come another time.

I am waffling a bit here, however it is in the hope that you still keep things balanced and that you acknowledge that you have learned a great deal this year and what can be achieved in the future with 'balance'


Sub 35 - jamieh - 11-12-2012

I was secretly hoping you would say I could try to run a fast 5k this saturday. IT'S ON!

Will take it easy tomorrow, and 6x1min on Thurs as you say.

I've been taking very detailed notes on diet/weight/sleep etc. ever since the 2k's as I figured I was coming into something good and wanted to remember the plan for future!

Thanks for all the advice/support. I like the look of a lot of those numbers you have written above Smile

Will keep you posted for 5k.