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Sub 35 - jamieh - 15-12-2012

16:26 in parkrun today Smile PB!


Weight: 77.6 (on the start line)
Weather: Windy (10mph), Muddy (I wore XC spikes)

Really enjoyed the race today despite less than ideal conditions. Started out conservatively (first 2k felt almost effortless) & turned the screw from half way (into the headwind unfortunately). Was able to stay focussed and even push on for the last 200m which is new!

Onwards to the 10k...?!!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 16-12-2012

Nice going Jamie, yes, on to the 10k now

considering the conditions you know there is definitely more to come

ps.. if ever you want to work out your 5k time from your 6 x 1k session, you add 25 seconds to the best 1k's from the session and that will give you a time of what you should be able to run, even in a worst case scenario, after doing the session ([I][SIZE="1"]please, ask for clarity of this, if not understanding what is being stated[/SIZE])[/I]

Sub 35 - jamieh - 16-12-2012

That makes sense re: 1k calculations (though I was a way off 16:09!). Would be great to race a 5k on the track sometime and see what I could do. May look to enter a 5,000 race next year...

Does the program I outlined above make sense to you for the run up to 10k from now? I'm actually off work for the whole period so will be taking advantage of this for sleeping/recovery etc (and of course some fun!).

Sub 35 - TheEd - 17-12-2012

yes, run through with the program till the race as you mapped out previously

Mon 17th: normal easy run (what would you do this day?)
Tue 18th: 2 x 2k 3.25 per K Rest 90 then 4 x 1k 3.15 per k Rest 60
(no need to go faster than these paces)
Wed 19th: then from here an easy day recovery and roll down to the event
Thu 20th:
Fri 21st:
Sat 22nd:
Sun 23rd:
Mon 24th: 6 x 1 min fast / slow
Tue 25th: Rest
Wed 26th: Race

what would you place in the days 20th to 23rd?

over to you


Sub 35 - jamieh - 17-12-2012

Mon 17th: normal easy run (what would you do this day?)60mins easy (4:20 to 4:30 pace)
Tue 18th: 2 x 2k 3.25 per K Rest 90 then 4 x 1k 3.15 per k Rest 60
(no need to go faster than these paces)
Wed 19th: Easy 10k
Thu 20th:Easy 10k with 6x1min race pace if feeling good
Fri 21st: 60mins easy
Sat 22nd: Rest (+ long easy bike, 4hrs)
Sun 23rd:20min Light Tempo
Mon 24th: 6 x 1 min fast / slow
Tue 25th: Rest
Wed 26th: Race

Does that look ok? I'll be riding/swimming lots up to 22nd, but then will just focus on running/relaxing for the last 3 days before race.


Sub 35 - jamieh - 18-12-2012

2x2k (R90) + 4x1k (R60), Track

6:44 (HR 168)
6:42 (HR 164)

3:14 (HR 166)
3:13 (HR 168)
3:15 (HR 171)
3:10 (HR 172)

Weight: 78kg
Weather: Light wind, 8 deg.

Good sesh this morning. Wore my HR monitor if thats of any interest?! During the rest intervals HR was getting down to 85 between the 2k's, then 90, 103, 107 between the 1k's. Resting HR this morning was 37.

The 2k's felt great, very smooth/easy. 1k's were tougher but I wasn't at the limit by any means.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 18-12-2012

all good though I would like to change 2 sessions

Thu 20th:Easy 10k with last 20 minutes quicker .. no strain and comfortable
Fri 21st: 8k easy

you simply need to look after yourself now and have good weather

enjoy the festive season


Sub 35 - jamieh - 02-01-2013

Happy new year & all that Smile

34:51 in boxing day 10k.

Obviously disappointed with the time as a felt good on the start-line & was pretty well prepared (despite some over-eating the day before!).

I went through 5k in 16:52 feeling strong, but then the wind really picked up (25mph+ gusts). My Garmin also clocked the course at about 10.15k (went through 10k at 34:24). Not that that stopped the winners from running sub 31min!

Anyway. Have taken it all very easy since then. Planning to start up with the 2k's again tomorrow (pending a little soleus pain that crept in earlier this week... I think from 'dancing' in heeled shoes Wink)

Considering a fast 10k on 3rd Feb (after 2 more cycles) and a fast Bushy Park 5k somewhere in the middle.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 02-01-2013

rather sort all the aches and pains out before running .. some swimming would no doubt be better if you are able to swim

let me know your thoughts



Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-01-2013

You're right. No point risking anything at this point in the season.

Swimming and biking are totally pain free so will focus on these for the next few days. Will aim to start 2k's next Thursday if back on track.