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Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-02-2013

Ok. 2 days of nice easy running and everything feeling good Smile

I have a league XC race this Saturday afternoon (8-9k), then another potentially fast 10k the following Sunday (17th).

Any thought's on programme? I was planning a long run today, but not sure what else. I guess need a reasonable interval session both weeks? Maybe the 1600's again? Or the 2x2k / 4x1k session?

After the 17th I don't have any more planned races until 1st April (first sprint Tri of the season). So planning to put some really solid training in Feb18th - March 31st, and maybe a few fast 5k's along the way Wink


Sub 35 - TheEd - 06-02-2013

you could consider the 2 x 2k and 4 x 1k session tomorrow, if you up for it

so I wouldn't venture too far today

then we can pick up how you feel after the session



Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-02-2013

Oopsy... I ran 16k at lunch Smile

It was nice and easy, though, & legs felt great so will take a view in the morning.

I'm quite keen to replicate last week's sessions before the 10k next Sunday (i.e. as below). So I guess it's not too much of a nightmare if I have a fairly easy run week this week (with XC race on sat).

Tue: 3x1.6k @ 5k pace (3:15)
- Easy 10k
- 20min light tempo
- 30min easy 6x1min fast
- Rest

Sub 35 - TheEd - 06-02-2013

no problem do so

hopefully you able to roll it to next week without any problems


Sub 35 - jamieh - 07-02-2013

2x2kR90, 4x1kR60 (Track)


Weight: 77kg
Weather: 8mph wind

Legs were feeling good when I woke up so went ahead with the session today. Felt quite fatigued on the 2k's (did quite a crunchy bike session yesterday evening) so decided to relax on the 1k's rather than push to hard. Enjoyed it!

Rest tomorrow and will go ahead with next week as planned provided get through the XC unharmed!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 07-02-2013

in truth I would skip the XC if you want to have a 'tonk' at the 10k race



Sub 35 - jamieh - 15-02-2013

Hey there,

Just a quick update on progress leading into the race this Sunday. A nasty stomach bug last weekend took the decision out of doing the XC and I spent the day in bed instead! Fortunately this week has still been pretty decent.

Tues - 3x1600's on treadmill, felt strong at 3:15 pace
Thur - 20min tempo (avg 3:24 pace, through 5k in 17:04)
Today - 6x1min (avg 3:20 pace). Felt fast and light, but calves super tight.

Rest day tomorrow so hopefully the calves will calm down ready for the 10k on Sunday morning. Weather looking promising so far... fingers crossed!


Sub 35 - jamieh - 18-02-2013

34:24 yesterday

Didn't have it on the day unfortunately. Through 5k in 16:45 feeling reasonable (although definitely not 'floating' like I was at Chichester)... but by 7k I knew it wasn't a good day. Completely blew on the last couple of hills, final 2k in well over 7 mins Sad

I put it down to lack of sleep the night before + potentially going a little hard on my light-tempo on Thurs! Still, encouraging to know I can get under 34:30 on a bad day so pretty pleased overall Smile

So... no racing planned until April 1st (first triathlon of season) so plenty of time to get some good cycles in while I build up the swimming/biking.

Going to do some nice easy 60min runs between now and Thurs when I'll kick off with the 2k's!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 18-02-2013

nice going Jamie, I take it that this was a Top 5 10k time for you?

I think the previous 10k was a major boost and to be honest felt we were stretching too far seeking another 10k best so soon after the last 10k

lots to be learnt from this and lots to keep in mind when seeking results in the future

keep it steady, keep it positive and you on the right path

nice going

ps.. will look to have your other blog stuff done this week

Sub 35 - jamieh - 18-02-2013

Thanks TheEd. Yes it's my 3rd best 10k... so certainly nothing to feel negative about. As you say, it was a lot to ask for 2 best 10k's in a 2 week period... particularly with illness in the middle!

Yes, lots learned as always.

Thanks re: the blog stuff Smile