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Sub 35 - jamieh - 22-10-2013

2h46m in the Marathon yesterday.

Weight: 78kg
Weather: Wind/Rain
Course: pretty flat road & trails

Despite being heavier than I'd have liked, barely running for 7 days prior (due to tight glute med) + the crappy weather... I absolutely loved the first 24 miles yesterday! Was bouncing along, working into the wind with a small group of guys at really consistent 6:15 pace. Was sipping water at every station & knocked back a 100cal gel after each hour.

But, as you alluded to... nothing can quite prepare you for those last couple of miles! At the 24 mile mark there was a little underpass to run down/up and my legs just completely fell to pieces. Last 2 miles took me >15 mins.

Definitely an interesting experience and I can see plenty of things I'd do differently next time. And all in all I'm pretty pleased with the time considering I rarely run over 50k per week!

Legs completely screwed today (and I had to spend 10 hours in a plane!) Rest time for the rest of the week I think...

Sub 35 - TheEd - 22-10-2013

quite impressive Jamie

hats off to you, this Ironman thingie may just work for you

if you can run a 3hr marathon climbing off the bike you would be in massive contention

would love to chat more about preparation and the future

it shows you can cope with the distance, despite the last 2km

you do have get under 33 minutes for 10km though Wink

chat soon and enjoy the recovery


Sub 35 - jamieh - 22-10-2013

Thanks Smile

Yup, definitely going to put some focus on the short-distance over this winter before going back to the marathon. Sub 16 and Sub 33 are the (stretch) goals before I turn 30 (Feb 20th!).

Will let you know when I start the build up period again.

Onwards and forwards.


Sub 35 - jamieh - 13-12-2013

5x2k R90 (Track)


Weight: 81kg
Weather: Windy (10mph), cool

And so the long climb back to fitness begins! Unfortunately I've been struggling with a glute-med tightness problem for the last 6 weeks so have mainly been cycling/swimming which means I've gotten heavy! After some physio/core strength work over the last few weeks I seem to be back in action without pain.

After about 2 weeks on the build-up program I hit the 2k's today without too much expectation (plan was just to try and keep them under 7 mins). It wasn't very comfortable but legs felt pretty strong & I was pleased to get something out of the last rep.

Lot's of work to do!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 17-12-2013

Hi Jamie, I would really recommend that you consider doing 3 weeks on the build-up program -

as you may get a lot of benefit from this if you moving up in distance next year


Sub 35 - jamieh - 17-12-2013

Makes sense. Only thing is I have my annual boxing-day 10k coming up next week Smile Will finish off this cycle with 1k's today + paced 5k on Sat to tide me through the 10k. Then will continue from there with another 2 weeks on the build up + then a full cycle before 10k in early Feb.

Sub 35 - jamieh - 17-12-2013



Weight: 80kg
Weather: calm, cool

Planning to keep the 60min runs going for next few days then hit the paced 5k on Sat aiming for a steady 17:30. Then will follow usual race week plan and hope to get close to 35mins in the 10k.

Sound sensible?

Then will get back on the build up!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 18-12-2013

do note that with the 1hr runs you do run the risk of calf muscle fatigue, so do be most aware of this

when we do the build-up .. it would be planned to allow for the aerobic development for the long-term plan of racing the half TRI etc



Sub 35 - jamieh - 24-01-2014

5x2k R90 (Track)


Weight: 80kg
Weather: cool, calm

Long time no post... sorry, it's been a rocky ride back from injury over the last few months. I'd been struggling with relapse of the glute-med tightness so didn't race the Xmas 10k. After weeks of physio/strengthening + lots of biking/swimming I seem to be back in the saddle now. Just a bit fat Smile

I got through a solid 3 (additional) weeks on the build up and just kicked off today with the 1st 2k session in preparation for a 10k race on 9th Feb.

Pleasantly surprised by the session actually. Felt strong despite the extra kg's. Definitely no injury niggles so looking forward to getting back into some faster running for the next few months!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 31-01-2014

how have things gone since the last 2k session?

where are you in your plans and development?

would be good to chat sometime